Queen of the Damned
Hope you don't mind, but I read that you had lost 14 stone in a year, and wondered if you would mind sharing your story please. Thanks :)
hi no i don't mind.What would you like to no.:)
Ok i hope this is not to long winded.It all started a couple of years ago i had always been big but didn't really notice how big.I have 3 children which 2 are disabled i was with my middle child who is just going to be 12 on friday :) at Great Olm Street hospital in london when consul said i did no that she would never be self sufficient so would always be with us looking at me strangely:eek: .Then i relised he was looking at how large i was probly thinking being my size how would i cope.Then that made me think i need to be around for another 40 years at least so i needed to do something.The one thing i had in my favour is that i have never dieted before in my life so i wasn't a yoyo dieter.All i done was change my eating habbits to 3 small meals a day and lots and lots of exercise it was very hard but the weight came off really well probably just over a stone a month.My motivation was looking at my daughter and wanting to do it
Did you have hiccups along the way? Did you cut anything out or was it just smaller portions?

I am in awe of your self control and willpower mate - hats off to you :D
Yes there were hicups along the way , i think thats a fact of life my main weakness is deserts if i had a slip up i didn't think thats it i've blown it i just carried on and worked a bit harder.I think myself if you deny yourself something you really want for a long time when you finally have it you will have twice as much so have a little bit at the begining.:)