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Loose skin(again LOL)


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I know this is a popular subject on here...and yes I am starting to get the saggy skin under my arms and on my tummy too...I'm not too bothered about the tummy as I WILL eventually get a tummy tuck if it doesn't shrink back...and the arms I will try and ignore and never wear sleeveless tops LOL.However I am getting saggy skin at the tops of my thighs which I've not seen mentioned before, and I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if it got better.I'm kicking myself for letting myself get so damn big that this happened and I swear I will never ever ever let myself go like this again once I get to goal,but is there anything I can do now apart from using creams like crazy?Will an exercise bike help?Or swimming?I'm planning to start swimming anyway as I know that will help with my arms.But inner thighs?What helps with that?
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I'm no expert but swimming sounds very good. Breast stroke can tone inner thighs and arms so definatly give that a go.
Good luck


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this is the cream i bought yesterday

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter Cream 250ml: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Beauty

palmers is reccomended by alot of GPS

i dont know if i will have a problem with skin, im 23, no kids, high muscle mass. i know im losing muscle with the diet, but its important to build it back up it really reduces skin sgaging, so when im near goal the weight training will begin. it might make me put ona few pounds but it will be muscle which is goos

swimming is an excellent idea

tbh..i am a bit nervous about this skin thing :(


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swimming for sure, it's an all over body workout. Palmers is what I use on my arms and tum and have defo noticed a difference.

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