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Loose Skin - but in the wrong place. Help!

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Loose skin is a concern for all of us, I know and I am eternally grateful to Sarah (Cerulean) for being out and proud with her bikini bod!

I've tried during the past three months to be pragmatic about the loose skin; I just didn't want to end up like Nigel Lawson - the ultimate advert for not going on a diet, to my mind. But I jest, of course.

I have got loose skin on my stomach (to be expected), on the tops of my thighs (ditto) and some strange neck activity going on (as in ageing!) BUT BUT BUT, as my boobs have diminished in size, they have also aged massively. And I have found myself really, really upset. I already have a skin condition so my body is scarred and marked but it's the crepey shells (well, husks!) that just seem to have happened and appeared. During the past month, I have hardly lost any weight but this change to my boobs has happened during that time. It seems disproportionately different (worse) than the corresponding weight loss (4lbs in three weeks).

I don't know my size anymore but at a loss of almost 3stone I was a 34 GG. In a foxy bra, they looked absolutely fine. But now that bra is too big and I am still wearing my old favourites (38 HH). Now when I look at my boobs in the bath or when they are sitting in their bra, they are like the bosoms of a much, much older woman. The skin takes ages to settle - I've done that pinch test. Before, I thought I just had stretch marks on them and that they would fade but it's as if someone has gone along them with a gritting machine ie deep striations (not sure if that's the right word).

I really have been ok about the rest of the body but these new boobs are a very, very, very poor imitation of their former selves. I don't want a boob job but I need to know whether the skin will settle down or is this how they will be forever more?

I haven't had children so haven't experienced the before and after effect that friends have talked about. It's just been a huge shock - I noticed them about a week ago. I don't know whether it's a vanity thing or just a loss of the one part of my body I liked and felt good about.

I'd like to know what the verdict is.


A very sad Mrs L.
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Boobs and where have they gone in more ways than one!

I can relate to not only the shrinkage but the pucked skin and added crepe. Not to mention them being even more droops than were after breastfeeding and generally not wearing a bra as soon as came home from work as needed the relief.

I got measured this week and got back down to pre pregnancy size from way, way back when at a 36c/d. Previously was 38dd, and maybe a bit more.

If not done already would recommend getting measured. I mentioned to the M & S lady that the boobs don't look as good when were previously 36C as have lost that fullness which I also suppose the fat bulked out.

What has helped since the measure on saturday is buying one of the lovely bras she recommended instead of me wearing the old, too big ones and feeling I once again have a decent shape.

Only thing am doing reagrding the skin is moisturing with rich creams, nothing particularly for neck and boob area (not had a good write up).

Hope this helps

Sam xx


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I am having a crepe week (pronounced 'cr*p') These 36 DD puppies need serious adjustment and slathering in cocoa butter before they look like the ones you see in my bikini. The only consolation I have is that having gone from a 40G to the new measurements I thought it would be a thousand times worse. I accept that at 33 I am going to have to reupholster myself adequately at the end and perhaps I'm getting to the age where I shouldn't be flashing my cleavage quite so much (as it was one of my only assets when I was a big big girl, I did tend to overdo it - so maybe I need to relearn to dress to accentuate my new best features - my waist and my shoulders.

My tummy is flattening out - I can tell that there's probably about 5lb of fat in there - it looks all crepey - but again - clever rearrangement and moisturising means that it doesn't look too shabby - I'm not auditioning for a Britney Spears video anytime soon.

What is weird this week is that although my cellulite has all but gone (never thought that would happen) my once ample arse has now slid down my legs. When I compare my naked pictures though, the difference between day 7 and day 153 is immeasurable. It's not the same girl. My skin on every other part of my body is miles better despite the crepe.

Keep moisturising and start thinking about the bits you are starting to like - Mrs Flora Light (I'm determined to make that name stick) - you look like you have a fabulous set of pins there...maybe that's somewhere you could start!
Hi Cerulean
I have got cellulite on my thighs like orange peel but hope it will go how did you get rid of you ample bottom wish i could . My thighs are really just loose flabby skin where there is muscle underneath them all they want is toning to reduce flab and gain tauter thighs and reduce in the size hope this happens to reduce them and get more tauter and toned HELP


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I think losing 93lbs helps! But pretty much the same advice as for the exercise that I gave in a different post - yoga is very detoxifying - I've also had three Universal Contour Wraps (which really really helped).

Also - LL requires you to drink 4 litres of water a day and also because you aren't eating fat and anything other than your basic needs I assume that it really helps with cellulite - so I think it's a combination of the simplicity of the food packs, the amount of water and the fact that I walk and cycle a lot and do yoga.


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Hi Mrs Flora!

I haven't had kids either and my boobs (the one bit I liked!) have all but gone.

My once ample 38 C/D has gone and when I was in the US I was shocked to discover I couldn't fill a B cup! However my now 34Bs fit happily into the H and M padded bras so I'm sticking with them. They don't look so hot out but I figure once I'm at target and settled down then I'll consider a book job in the future.

Whilst I don't have the crepiness I do have an ordance survey map going on round my hips and unfortunately the cellulite is still lurking and my legs definitely still meet in the middle. However like you do I'm sure, I look so much better in clothes and things are always better with the lights off!!!

Mrs Lard

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Well, thanks everyone, for being so honest. It really is good to share and I am glad I am not alone.

You've all given me some good, sensible suggestions so will make an effort to get re-fitted again. For anyone conetmplating shopping in London, I used to go to Rigby and Peller BUT I have found the fitters in Selfridges to be really lovely with a great selection on offer.

Puckered and crepey - that just about sums it up so thanks for helping me find the right vocabulary. I am seeing my dermatologist on Friday so I am going to ask her too.

I'd really like to hear from some long-termers ie maintaining for ages; did the same happen to you? Did the skin settle down?

My skin in that area is so thin and moisturising helps but not as much as I would like.

A special thanks to everyone who posted. Really appreciate it.

Mrs Lxxx


Lovin it !!! :)
Without making yo feel worse - I have kept 5 - 6 (fluctuating) stone off for the last four years and have to say it doesn't get any better on the skin front. Boobs - well - african elephant ears - crepey skin - hmmm - plenty thanks = cellulite - yeah still there but more noticable due to being deflated and not full (think party balloon)
LOL sorry gals - some can say skin is ok others well it happens - all I can say is that underneath all that, my heart must be so much healthier due to the weight off !!!


has started again!!
My boobs are sagging, wrinkly and very crepey too. If I pinch them its take a good half hour for them to return!!!

Sad thing is my arms are the same, totally vile. Belly is still quite fat so, whilst wrinkling not too grim as yet. Thighs, again, very chubby so no idea where they are going to go!

I use Dove firming body lotion (well, it smells nice and feels good too), and last weekend finally admitted I am in my 40's and bought some Dove pro-age serum for neck and chest area. (£6.99 I think). Only been using a few days, but again it feels lovely, so will persevere.

I did have a few tears, and a moan to my hubby re the above, & said I felt so ugly & un-sexy. He was incredibly sweet and said that sexy was all in the mind, he thought what I was doing was fantastic, and he finds me sexy. You cannot imagine how much better that little bit of reassurance made me feel. I think I'll keep him!!!

So girls, we are all in the same boat, lets focus on our health benefits. How great are we!!!! All these wise wise women in one place!!

My lose skin or what you call flab is all on my bottom half thighs bottom and my bust is not bad atall im wondering if this loose flab will go away or will it still hang there when at target weight . Has anybody had loose flabby skin on thighs and bottom and its gone away .

Loose skin is a concern for all of us, I know and I am eternally grateful to Sarah (Cerulean) for being out and proud with her bikini bod!

Did I miss something?!!

The loose skin is a worry but would rather that than be fat....if I ever have the money will get the boobs done as its bad now & I still have a way to go!! Not sure about tummy though...its my neck that bothers me for now...chicken neck! Yuck!


has started again!!
Loose skin is a concern for all of us, I know and I am eternally grateful to Sarah (Cerulean) for being out and proud with her bikini bod!

Did I miss something?!!

The loose skin is a worry but would rather that than be fat....if I ever have the money will get the boobs done as its bad now & I still have a way to go!! Not sure about tummy though...its my neck that bothers me for now...chicken neck! Yuck!

Have a look at her recent post re her hols, fab pic of her sporting a kini and looking great! An inspiration to us all!

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