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lose 7lbs a month


kerry b

Silver Member
Hiya. I have about 3 1/2 stone to lose + want to do it by end of july so that works out at 7lbs per month so count me in:)
Me to I have about 6 stone to lose and would love it gone by August xx

What days do you weigh in? I see we are all from Scotland so far :D
Really hope I can do it this time and lose the lbs. Had my baby girl just over 4 months ago so I have no reason not to lose it.

Good luck x

kerry b

Silver Member
I weigh In at home on a sunday morning. Im not attending class as I could-t find one to fit in with work + home life. I get amazing support on this forum tho. How about you?
Having a wee one in a buggy is the perfect way to exercise. Get your trainers on + storm round the park. Good luck to both of you. Look forward to chatting + learning more about you x

I would like to join you please, I have about 4 stone to lose, but am splitting it in half as even a two stone loss will really make a difference to how comfortable I feel:)

so we are looking at roughly 1.75lb per week, yes? That is definitely achievable.

I usually weigh on a Monday but was wondering whether to start weighing on a Friday/Saturday instead that way if I lose my way over the weekend I can claw it back through the week..that's my thinking anyway!

Congratulations on your baby girl too. My baby girl is 6mths old now and it has gone so quick. I also have a 15mth old, an 8yr old and a 10yr old......

I look forward to chatting to you all and let us all become thinner and healthier this year.

Mel xx
count me in i weigh in on a thursday! have about 2 and a half stone to lose keep gettin to the weight i am now but can never seem to stay under it!

kerry b

Silver Member
keep gettin to the weight i am now but can never seem to stay under it!

Thats me!!!!!! I hit 180lbs then stall, if i get under 180 then the following week i have a gain. Its infuriating. This time I will get below 180 and stay there evn if i have to cut a leg off:D
I weigh on a Thursday, gives me plenty of time after the weekends to claw something back. Used to be a Tuesday but that was just hopeless lol.
I have 3 children a 4 year old son, 22 months old ( nearly 23) and a 4 month old daughter.
Can't wait to start again Thursday, going to meal plan and fingers x precook everything to make it easier.

Anyone got a favourite recipe?

kerry b

Silver Member
How is today going for everyone? I have a major case of the munchies tonight.

My fave recipie is sweet chilli chicken which is just to die for. My 3yr Ild loves the sauce mixed with noodles. I also like saffron chives + prawn risotto + caramelised onion tart. Yum! I could go on + on. Loads of scrummy recipies around if you have time to search for them. Britmumincanada has an amazing recipie website that i would highly recommend If you havent found it already.
add me in i need a challenge i weigh on a saturday :D
Hi all,

I'm aiming to lose the same amount per month so thought I'd join you if ok. I've lost 2 stone with SW a few years ago and need to get back on it, with another 4 stone or so to lose in total.

Will be back with some of my fav recipes x

kerry b

Silver Member
How did it go for you valerie?

I've done really well all week but blew it today with a huge bowl of cereal + unmeasured milk. Not even going to try + syn it. Still hopeful though

kerry b

Silver Member
WI: -2.5lbs :D

I'm really pleased with that. Well on target for 7lbs off.

Off to the supermarket with my menu plan in hand. Do any of you plan your meals or do you just go with the flow?

Have a good day everyone
Thanks, I was pleased.
Having a good day on plan but im absolutely starving, I have done nothing but eat all day and even after dinner im still hungry. I worry when i have days like this but i am on plan so it should be ok. Hope everyone is doing well
sounds great, i'd love to aim for that 7lb a month i've 4 stone to lose so thats brill thank you, looking forward to chatting to ye all

How is everyone getting on?

This is how my january as gone
Wk1 -2.5lbs
wk2 -2.5lb
wk3 +2lbs

So I am hoping for a 4lbs loss tomorrow to hit the 7lb target haha, not likely!!


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