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Lose the Rubber ring

Hi all

After a long time reading lots of diaries and posts I've decided to put my own thoughts on here in a bid to get some motivation going to succeed with this diet and lose the weight once and for all.

Just finished my first week of ss+ and lost 4lbs - now I know that its better to have 4 off than 4 on but I can't help but be disappointed. The CDC said that because I dont have much to lose that it will be slower and I had a couple of tiny cheats this week - only in the form of 1 small slice of stollen and a couple of water biscuits yesterday but surely not enough to make a huge difference to my loss?

Anyway, I've been a bit silly this afternoon and had a packet of breadsticks, a handful of jelly babies and a few more water biscuits...........do I carry on ss+ing, move to a higher plan or just give up and try something else?!

Everyone else on here seems to be doing really well, having nice big losses each week so well done to everyone just wish it had been the same for me :sigh:
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well done on your loss.

i notice that the things you're eating are all very, very carby. In fact, the worst things you could've chosen. hmm. if you move to a higher plan, what will stop you eating sugary, starchy things?

this is just a suggestion - and if your automatic reaction is 'no', then don't worry. Wh not try one or possibly two weeks on SS, before stepping up to ss+? my reasoning is that if you know you can't have any food - that food is something that happens to other people, then you'll be less likely to think "just this little thing won't hurt". after a week you'll be in ketosis properly (your crackers and sweeties will have put you out, and you must be so hungry as a result). after you're in proper keto, maybe you'll be less tempted by these high carb foods, and better able to eat ss+ foods if you still want to.
You're right, I am starving!!! I want to get it right and shift the flab as quickly and easily as possible. Pretending I'm doing ss+ isn't working as when I had the little cheats I missed a shake thinking it would 'make up' for what I'd just had. Just a week with no food......... but it could be the only way for me.

I'm going to ponder tonight while I try not to devour then entire contents of the cupboards and fridge. Hubby is working away this week, back for the weekend, then away again all next week so there won't be a lot of temptation and food around. I have 3 daughters but I don't usually eat at the same time as them on an evening anyway so it could be a possibility.

Thanks for the tip :)

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