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losin faith fast :(

hey all

ive been on sf for 1 week now and stuck to it religiously..with no weight loss, i just dont get it, how can this be?
ive had a shake for brekkie, shake for lunch, 2-3 snacks and a 400-600 cal dinner.
feeling very low, would appreciate some insight or advice

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Have you tried keeping a diary? Sounds obvious, but I started okay, then lost the plot a bit. Downloaded a SF journal from the canadian SF site, and was actually suprised at the hidden calories - e.g. squash, teas, coffees. They look harmless and you dont realise, but upon closer inspection of what I had not previoulsy considered as sin, they were proving to be a downfall! Failing that, if still no joy, maybe get some bloods done at the doc to make sure no thyroid probs etc.
i only drink 1 tea with milk a day and 1 herbal tea, other than tha i drink 2-3 litres of water, no extras
*sighs* ah well, suppose i'll stick with it one more week and see how i go
thank you though
i was trying to slip in to it slowly, i.e. not trying to change too many things at once and feeling like i being squashed, will start this week, what kind of exercises does everyone else do? im not to hot on gym exercise

Just go for a walk or try an exercise DVD at home if you don't like the gym. Have you taken your measurements? On the weeks I tend to stay the same I find I have lost inches. Don't just rely on the scales because they don't always give an accurate picture of what is happening. Take your measurements. At the end of the day when you have that swimming costume on on holiday no-one is going to ask how much you weigh but everyone can see your size. I would be shocked if your inches haven't changed

Keep going for another week. Often if the pounds haven't shifted on one week, the scales show a bigger loss on the next

BL x
So true with the tape measure. I gained a pound but lost a couple of inches! I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, I row, cross train, run, weights, swim and sauna in under an hour! I also have dvds to use at home if I dont make it as far as the gym, or feel I need to burn extra calories. I have all the Ministry of Sound Pump It Up ones which are fun (although still slightly lost on the latest addition!), but have to day Davina DVDs are fab - its is a sensible workout which can be done in 3 half hour slots a week and works everything. Hope that helps. Failing that, nothing beats walking.
hopefully, im at the end of it all, really have to shed some weight my confidence is on the floor and im so grouchy with my bf, :(
My gym does exercise classes (everything from dance to weights to aerobics etc) I've found this is really great for confidence as there's loads of you all working together. Its a really good atmosphere and I think it can be really motivating, something like this might help with the confidence, you'll feel 10ft tall after doing it I guarantee!
You will get there. I found that I retained water when I first started but it did eventually get there - I don't do any exercise other than walking and running around after two little rugrats!!

Good luck.


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