Losing 140 lbs in 10 months! How to do it?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by Soontobeslim7, 24 April 2012 Social URL.

  1. Soontobeslim7

    Soontobeslim7 Member

    I need to lose this amount in 10 months as that will be my birthday and losing all this weight will be the best gift I could give my self (will that and Ryan Gosling) but let's talking about the weight for now lol

    I am a university student and have just finished and have the next 5 months off I have joined a gym (testified I might break a machine or something) I will change my eating habits and will cut all the junk!

    Do you guys think it's possible? Is there any advice you can offer me?

    Many thanks :)
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  3. shelley0363

    shelley0363 Full Member


    I would sign up to myfitnesspal which is a great tool and will help you work out what calories you need etc. it's free and you can get a phone app too. I'm trying to lose 3 stone by September and chocolate keeps finding its way into my mouth :( I will get there though!!

    Good luck xx
  4. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member


    I think if you want to lose that much safely and keep it off, you should be looking at about 18 months at the least.

    I know we all see these weight loss programmes on TV, where someone will lose 200lbs in a year, but they're all strictly supervised, and I'd love to know how many of them keep it off (we all know the long term success rate is only around 5% without surgery, so it can't be all of them!).

    The safest, most sustainable rate at which to lose is 2lbs a week, hence your looking at over a year to lose 140lbs. I've lost just under 5 stone in the last 8 months, but I know the next 5 will be much harder and slower!

    All the very best with your endeavour!

  5. teetiefunk

    teetiefunk Gold Member

    maybe look at a vlcd like exante or something?
  6. ~Jen~

    ~Jen~ Full Member

    Definitely recommend on the advice above re losing it slower. If you lose that amount of weight that fast, you will end up with a HUGE amount of saggy skin and possibly stretch marks and there is a big liklihood that you will need surgery to remove the skin before you can be completely happy with your body. Losing at an average rate of 2lbs a week means it gives your body more of a chance to react to the weight loss and the skin should tighten up a bit better, exercise will also help that :)
  7. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Quite right, and also if you lose it that fast, you're far more likely to put it all back on, and more besides. With such a huge amount to lose (same as me), you must re-educate both your body AND your mind, because the underlying problems with addictive eating are severe. More than 95% of people who lose weight put it all back on and more - just think whether you want to be in the position of needing to lose 15 stone in 5 years time. It will happen if you don't do this sensibly and address the root causes of your overeating for good. xx
  8. Serenity01

    Serenity01 Member

    I lost 56lbs in 5 months in 2010, went from 16 stone to 12 stone but stupidly took a break for christmas and never went back to the diet so my weight has crept back up to 12 stone 7lbs.

    But what I would say is losing that kinda weight in that time, is VERY hard, becareful not to set yourself targets which are going to be really hard to hit as that can just make u feel down and disapointed, I was aiming for a stone a month back then and obviously I did hit that quite often but one month I missed it by 4lbs and I was so angry with myself, prob the reason I didnt come back after xmas.

    This time I am setting myself a goal of 7lbs a month, it might mean it takes longer but it will be easier to reach and I wont be so hard on myself, as sometimes no matter what you do, your body just wont play ball for a week or two and thats when for me, things started to go wrong.

    Im also working out a lot more, Ive found the bike is really working for me and i keep a diary of what I eat and the amount of exercise I do, hopefully that will help me teach myself what I can and cant eat, so I can mantain the weight loss and not just pile it all back on.

    Good luck, I'm sure you're be a lot smaller for your bday :)
  9. katoof

    katoof Silver Member

    Hiya, I have lost 164 lb so far and gzvd been dieting since January 2011, I think by thus January I had lost around 134 lb so yeah that sort of weight loss is possible but hard work. I started off on slimming world until January this year where I did mainly red days when I moved to calorie counting.
    I exercise a lot, I do around 15 hours a week and I love it, I am so much fitter and enjoy working out. For me this has been a complete change of life.I have averaged at about 2.5 lb a week loss over the course of my duiet and don't feel this is an unhealthy pace to loose weight.
    I will say that I have never really set myself a time frame to get to target as I feel this is a lot of pressure, take things week by week and see how your body adapts. I look at things half a stone at a time.
    Hope my ramble was some use
  10. Yoghurt

    Yoghurt Member

    Wow! You've done brilliantly, I bet you feel amazing. Well done, what an inspiration you are. X
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