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losing motivation


Here we go again ..
S: 137.44kg C: 135.62kg G: 95.25kg BMI: 45.5 Loss: 1.8kg(1.32%)
hey all how is everyone... sorry ive been a bit of a lurker lately have had a rough few months and just havent felt much like posting.
I have lost 3st 3 and a half so far ..weight loss to start was great i was really enjoying it but the last few months its been so slow and even though im trying i seem to be stuck going up and down the same few pound i really want to lost 4 stone by the 25th or may as that will me my year at slimming world anniversary.

think my biggest problem is im bored and i am wanting to eat all the wrong things ..i have increased excercise ect and am enjoying that .

i havent been to class for two weeks and according to my wii fit i have gained 9 pounds ...i cant see a reason for that amount i have used flexible syns a few times but that would only warrent a few pound i do have an infection in my tummy at mo maybe that isnt helping.

So i guess my question is to some of you guys who have had large amounts of weight to lose ... how do i find the motivation to be enjoying plan and not feeling deprived
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S: 17st13lb G: 14st10lb
just wanted to say well done o you're loss so far. It can get hard when you get into a rut, could you take you're missed weeks as hols? Also have you tried mixing things up a bit? Good luck, and, let us know how you get on:D


Here we go again ..
S: 137.44kg C: 135.62kg G: 95.25kg BMI: 45.5 Loss: 1.8kg(1.32%)
Thanks hun ... i am currently having a good look around the site and seeing what motivation i can find ...maybe thinking of switching to red days for a while see if that will give me a boost


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S: 18st3lb C: 18st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.18%)
Wel done on your loss so far you dont want to ruin all the good work youve done already
I just wanted to say i woudnt put too much faith in wii scales as they are not always that accurate
Mine once said i had put on ten pounds in one night
You need to go back class and find out then you can deal with it
Trust me i had lost 3 stone with ww and did exactly the same as you hence why im back at same weight as before
Good luck getting back into it you can do it lesley x


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S: 17st9.0lb C: 14st11.0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 2st12lb(16.19%)
Don't trust your wii fit it told me I'd gained 9 but I ss bc after that I binged so I'm sure really I lost go along and see might cheer you up!! Xxx


Here we go again ..
S: 137.44kg C: 135.62kg G: 95.25kg BMI: 45.5 Loss: 1.8kg(1.32%)
Thanks for that guys ...so heres to praying the wii fit is wrong then..
i know what the yo yo thing and the put it all back on thing is like and i dont want to go back there again ..at my heaviest i was 23 stone 5 and got down in the 17s then went all way back up to 21 .3 so dont want to start going up again .


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I have stuck to plan because when I do so most of the time it works. I do occasionally feel deprived but only if I have a lot of stuff going on and theres not enough syns to go around. Generally though there is enough syns to have some of what we want but no not everything because thats what got me so big in the first place. I enjoy having the power now to choose what I want and getting the rewards on the scales or buying myself new clothes in normal clothes shops or even better ebay or charity shops so nice and cheap.
I hope to last a lot longer than the taste of chocolate etc lasts and spend healthy fun times with my family for a while yet so its worth it, I'm worth it and am sure you are too :)
Good Luck with getting back on track and yes wii fit's aren't reliable but even if it is 9lbs you have gained it will probably end up more if you don't draw a line under it and go back to group xxx


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S: 17st11lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st7lb(8.43%)
Hi there -firstly -:happy096: on your loss so far...

Like you I had a long way to go, and still have a decent chunk left to shift....Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary with SW :bday:and Im down from 23st 4lbs to 14st 7lbs. I never thought I would still be going in the right direction -Im a serial yoyo dieter :devilangel: -this is the first time I have actually realised Im going to be eating this way for the rest of my life (and I don't see that being a problem now as I love it) .... I really can't believe that a whole year has passed. -sorry Im waffling ...
What I came to say was -whilst keeping your end goal in sight -make sure you set loads of mini ones too -my targets break down so they are never more than 4lbs apart :giggle: -it really makes it easier watching them get crossed off.
On the "boredom" thing -I really can say I haven't got bored yet -the knack for me is to meal plan and make sure I get plenty of variety in and do lots of nice new recipes that way I don't feel Im missing out on anything!
Anyway -enough yapping from me.... I hope you find your momentum again soon :vibes:


Here we go again ..
S: 137.44kg C: 135.62kg G: 95.25kg BMI: 45.5 Loss: 1.8kg(1.32%)
wow capricorn you have done amazingly i am impressed.

i went to weigh in and had actually gained 3lb so not as bad as the wii results ...i got up thismorning and re read all books and decided to give this week a good go to write down all my food ect.

thanks to all who answerd me it was a great help


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
sending lots of luck to you with getting back on track, you have done amazingly. think back to your 1st week, your motivation, your enthusiasm for it all. you can get that back and carry on with your journey. you can do it!!! :) xxx