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Losing the will


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Hi All,
Having a rubbish week. Had a great loss in my first week, but don't feel any different now. Weighing myself any chance I get and there not moving. Getting weighed on Friday and starting to panic now. I feel like i'm wasting my time, Help!! Wanted to lose a stone and half by next Friday coz my son's 21. :break_diet:
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Hi San.. keep ur head up... it will more that likely shift at the last minute...and if u have a smaller loss this week.. u will probably have a bigger one next week... dont get too obsessed with jumpin on the scales to often... u will only do ur own head in... i find that it takes my body a while to catch up looks wise.. like i may lose 4 then 5 but not notice till the next week on myself ..altho others see it... xx give lipo a good chance... u wont be disappointed..keep strong and keep on xx


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I'm a bit of a scales freak so I've moved them to my son's bedroom which is in the highest room , in the tallest tower of the longest steps ( or is that Shrek's Fiona) - actually its on the top floor of the house and i'm a lazy bones who can't be bothered to walk upstairs...and his floor is carpet so I'd have to bring them down again etc etc
So don't keep weighing as its depressing and you need a wee so weigh after or you've just drunk loads so you'll weigh after that wee and so on. Also time of day/month/clothes have a bearing so try to wear the same or similar clothes and just trust the diet.
Good luck !!! It prob won't be anywhere near as bad as you think.

I'm also weighing in on Friday so lets compare.....x
I wouldn't worry too much....i started around the same time as you (have my 2nd weigh in next Monday) and i felt the same yesterday so i weighed myself and was mortified as i had put ON 1/2lb!!! Anyway, I weighed myself again this morning and i have lost 1.5lb's, so the scales are now being put away! Did you measure yourself at the begining? I did and remeasured yesterday and found i have lost 2" off my waist and 1.5" of my hips....at the end of the day i don't really care what the scales say (although it would be nice to see a 9st something on there) it's how you look that makes the difference!
Keep it up, i think you will be surprised on Friday.
Good luck xx


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Hi San, i have been doing exactly the same. I had my first weigh in on Monday and i think i have weighed myself at least twice a day since then, once in the morning and again when i get home from work and i have had a different reading each time give or take a couple of pounds. When my husband got home last night i asked him to hide the scale so i cant keep putting myself through it. At the end of the day if you are sticking to the plan 100% you have to lose weight so im just relying on my weekly weigh ins for now. I know it may sound a little strange but i really dont care what i weigh - Im a size 20 at the moment and i just wanna be a 12 and i will keep going til i get there (jeez dont i sound possitive!!!! Im sure this lt stuff messes with your brain!!!). Good luck and let us know how you get on Friday

Karen x


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Thank you all, You are all fantastic. Feeling a little more positive today and I am also working with my friend who is also on LT. So moral boosting all the way. Let you no how I get on Friday xx
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Hi San,

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better today. LT does work but it seems some people see their losses quicker than others. I haven't moved my scales coz I know that I'm just going to go by my WI's. I sometimes hop on first thing in the morning if I think of it but I know mine aren't that accurate anyway!

My weight seemed to come off my face first so I could see it in the mirror but has only just started coming off my stomach (which is where most of it is!!!!!) It was only once I'd lost over 4 stone that people started to say anything to me and my waistbands seemed looser (although I favoured elasticated waistbands in the past).

Hang in there. You will lose weight, it won't be huge losses every week but it will soon add up - I promise! You and I have started at roughly the same BMI, I found it fell off quickly at first but now I hope for 3 or 4lb a week. I find if I go for smaller losses then I'm not disappointed. Set yourself little manageable goals and celebrate achieving each one. I have 2 beautiful new skirts in my wardrobe that I treated me to. I have 22 mini goals and am halfway through them.

Good luck hun.



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Thank you Cuddlyfairy you are an inspiration to us all. I am feeling very positive today. Weigh in tonight and any loss is a loss after all. xx


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Hi San,
Im back after being on LT for 5wks in May/June time.I lost over two stone then and stopped because I gave up.Trust me,its worth keeping the spirits up and keeping at it.Ive put the two stone back on with more along with it! Now I have to start again from scratch.I know its hard and I weighed myself nearly every day.Keep the chin up and persevere!


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Hiya Shamrock, feeling positive today. Its the dreaded weigh in tonight aarrggg, but i'll let you know how I get on. The scales are definately being put away tonight. Thank you for your reply, really appreciate all the support.


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P.s iv'e fixed my ticker. Wot a nightmare defo lipobrain today...
drink more water you will pee like a horse

also is your handbag full (bowel) are you going regular if not i suggest you use some of that fibre stuff :)

i've not started yet but i've done LL so know what to expect.

good luck

Steph xx
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hey good luck tonight - if you loose 2 pounds that is an average of 5 pounds per week - so whatever the result its going to be awesome - it all works out good in the long run anyway - you always see people who have stuck to this diet over a period of time have better weeks than others but in the long run they hit their goal and they love their new body and that is what it is all about! :) xox


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Hiya, well happy here...I lost 3lb that is a total of 11lb in 2 weeks FANTASTIC xxx My friend lost 5lb which brings her total weight loss in 2 weeks to 16 1/2lb - AMAZING. She is doing fantastic and put me back on track when I started to waiver this week, I am sooo proud of the 2 of us, along with all you guys as well.

On a downer got 3 peanut flapjacks this week. Eating one now - wot the hell - my cooking is better than these bars and thats saying something.


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Vickie..You obviously know exactly what I mean yuk. The 3/4's that is left is sitting next to me and the smell is knocking me sick. Bugt i'll have to eat it otherwise i'm going to bed hungry haha
Vickie..You obviously know exactly what I mean yuk. The 3/4's that is left is sitting next to me and the smell is knocking me sick. Bugt i'll have to eat it otherwise i'm going to bed hungry haha

It just an aquired taste - eat it slowly drinking masses of water - as you tastebuds desensitise to 'normal' food you'll be fighting to get to your 'flappy' - you have been warned :D

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