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Losing weight again - finally!

I'm shocked.

I got on the scales this morning, after a seemingly endless stall, to find that I have lost another four pounds.

I got off and on again, off and on again; changed the battery then got off and on again, off and on again... It seems to be accurate.


I am now gonna try to be extra careful counting carbs etc in the run-up to Christmas. Only two pounds to go to be in the 10s again. It's been so long.

Never give up, people! If you stall for any reason just keep doing what you're doing, read online and Atkins book advice, watch the carbs and wait. Don't jump on the scales daily because this is too demoralising. I weigh once a week at most, and prefer to weigh fortnightly or monthly.

Wow. Two pounds from now I will be in the 10s. Will weigh myself again on December 20th.
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Well originally thought of 10 stones but might revise that to 9st 9lbs or so. I used to be very slender indeed (yeah horribly thin) but no longer think skinny is good.

I can't believe that I might now achieve my November dream of making to 10st-something in time for Christmas. I am so pleased! This was definitely worth the wait.
congrats girly and like you said never give up!!!
That's what we call a whooshie, it often happens after a stall. so yes, keep at it. :D

and well done love.
A new Atkins term - a whooshie! I love it. Thank you, Jim.

Still delighted today. I am hoping that the fat burning has really kicked in again and I intend to help things along by being a good girl! Ha Ha.

Some might think - four pounds and she's thrilled? Big deal! But it IS a big deal especially after a stall, as we Atkins punters know only too well. And the road to successful maintenance is being paved, stone by stone, with every pound lost.


running strictly on fat!
Four lbs is absolutely AMAZING loss!!!
I know how difficult is to keep going when scale decides to stall on one number for a while. So really very very good job - keep it up!
You'll be in your 10's in no time. I will be there by February as well xxxx


running strictly on fat!
Thank you MM, and good luck for February!

We can do it, all of us - we really can x
That's the right attitude lol
Sure we CAN xxx
well done!!
thats a fab loss!!!
good luck with ur goal i know ur gona make it!!
I got on the scales today. 10st 12lb.

Another 3lb lost and in the 10s at last - in time for Christmas!

I feel thrilled and blessed.
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:banana dancer: girly way to go to be back in the 10s.. keep going you're getting there..
Thank you!

Just shows how important it is to keep the faith, to not hate yourself nor lose confidence in this way of living. It really does work! When the body is ready the weight drops again.

I love Atkins lol.
that's 100% true girly.. Never give up and have faith in yourself :)
I realised yesterday that I don't look fat any more. I don't look thin, but not fat. I have an almost slender outline now. It's been years since I weighed less than 154 pounds. Once I would have thought that weight obese! Now, to be merely overweight, is amazing. And I will keep on going until goal and beyond. This time, perhaps, I can keep the weight off for more than a couple of years at a time.
Now that is great to hear, see people keep the faith, even during stalls, it does work!
I'm glad to see that you don't see a fat person in the mirror anymore.. you thought 154 was overweight, wow..
You know it's psychological. when you have been overweight, you get used to seeing that overweight person in the mirror, that is becomes a habit to still see an overweight person.. For me taking a foto and then looking at the fotos where I was overweight really helped me see and realized that I wasn't this overweight person anymore.. I'm thinking like a thin person now but it still is work in progress. I find myself going back to less than 20 carbs a day out of habit..
Oh yes More! A work in progress, a lifestyle in progress.

Went with younger son last night to visit elder son and g/f. She was staggered. Wow, she said. You've done it! You're so slim.... Elder son was complimentary too but, bless him, expressed concern that I might (once again) 'go too far'. Awwww! I assured them all that I won't. Not this time.

Had I not lost most of my surplus weight I wouldn't be at university now - I would never have been able to face everyone, far less perform onstage.

Losing weight is a real means of moving forward in life. Yes we can do most things overweight but we just don't want to. My son says I have been kinda reborn, and he is right.

I am grateful for every second of this new way of living. We can't let the wrong foods hold us back any longer. Food is just food; it has no magical power over us other than the power we unwillingly give it. I don't look at food as fuel alone because I love to eat but now, as the old saying goes, I am eating to live and to hold on to the benefits I now enjoy.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy!

And if you STS for a long time, don't worry. I think of it like a sort of pre-maintenance phase and this might well be vital to long-term success. I can't believe I lost 7lb this month after a long stall! And trust me I have NOT starved lol.
Nice post girly :) You've hit everything dead on :)

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