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losing weight in the bust area?


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It's the first place it came off! Went from a 40 DD to a 40 C in a few months! Doesn't appear to be coming off anywhere else though as no other clothes sizing has changed (although the jeans are getting looser and I can wear my hubby's belt!)

Sorry, that's not really helped you!

Have you tried one of those clay wrap things, they are supposed to reduce the inches that may help?


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Thanks for your reply :)
I've only lost half a stone so far, the dress is a size 16 and my bust is a 32/34j..
I think I might have to start looking for a new dress *sigh*.
Although i'll have a look into the clay wrap,
ta :)


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I didn't lose anything round my bust and could have done with a bit. I was more bottom heavy, and now am more top heavy!
I'm still an H cup. I was 44H now 34H so I think the fullness will aleays be there.


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I lost 3 1/2 stone last year and stayed a 32 G - I'd lost inches but it worked out I must have just stretched my old bras. It's the most annoying thing for me - being larger chested its the one area I would love to lose if only to save my back but I'm becoming resigned to the fact that I'm probably just always going to be this size. Its annoying as hell though when clingy tops make me look bigger but anything else is too baggy everywhere else. If its a t-shirt style top or vest top or similar I'm a size 10 - anything else I'm a size 16 and it drives me insane. I've even considered talking to my doctors about surgery but I'm too scared of the pain hahaha

Good luck with getting in the dress - you totally have my sympathies. The only other thing I would suggest is either trying a different style of bra as that sometimes makes a difference (ie balcony or plunge maybe) or to try a minimiser bra to see if that helps. If you go into one of the larger department stores they should have specialists there that can help you - and take the dress too so they can see what they are working with.
I think everyone is different. I lost so much off my bust that I want some back! They didn't go until last though. I'm afraid there doesn't seem to a be a generic weight range when you lose and I suppose it would depend on your natural bust size. :D xx
I've definitely shrunk in the bust area and I really can't afford to as I'm not exactly well endowed in that area!!

I really want to lose it on my calves as they are quite chunky and it is not shifting there at all. :(
My boobs never seem to shrink (delight to my husband though:rotflmao:).

Maybe go for a fitting at Bravissimo if you have one near. I went a few months ago and was amazed, they didn't use a tape measure just their experience. I measured smaller in the back but needed a much bigger cup, I even kept the bra on in the shop and when I came out of the changing room my hubby just stood there with his mouth open, yes it made that much difference! I looked so much smaller and my tops fitted so much better.

Hope this helps......

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