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Losing weight in weird places

Wondered if anyone else was?

So basically, the 2.5/3st that I have left to go appears to be primarily under boobs and overall tummy area. It's like it's shrinking inwards around this area. I think it's a bit weird.
Tummy I can understand is often the last thing to go, but that area under the boobs...thought it would be long gone by now, and I'm wondering why not?
Clearly as I mention my thighs in pretty much every post (!), the pins are looking great. Arms too. Face - thin. Collar bone? Well I think I'm in love with it!
I'm looking down now at the problem area and thinking how long is it going to take to go?!
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Well - I now have about a stone left to go and I think the majority of my fat is in the same area (but with additional thigh and calf fat to you) however - despite what is left to do I am really please with how the last stone and a half has just melted off my middle and left me looking slim there for the first time in years!

I think it's very different for everyone in terms of what actually physically changes and also how we perceive it. I love being able to actually feel my abdominal muscles. Love the way I can hold my thigh bones...the next stone is the business, I promise you!


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I've been telling people that it's that area for me that's just not shrinking. Clothes are fitting around my waist but that part of my body is just sat there on top - so I'm ending up wearing pants that are too big round the waist so that that part doesn't look as obvious. Going to have to start focussing exercise on that area.

Strange that we're all holding it in the same place.


Taking it Day by Day
Yep, exactly the same for me. I actually don't really know where my body has lost fat so far, as tummy and area under boobs/back seem to be very reluctant to shrink. When I was measured recently by LLC, I actually lost a lot from my waist but very little from tummy, LL said she had other people like that and that eventually the tummy will start to go. If not then I suppose I will end up with the ultimate hour glass figure :D
I have lost that bit of the tum which actually started under the boobs which made me look pregnant despite my 'Babies' being 6 & nearly 3! LOL.

Arms look good and agree with earlier post, I have a collar bone and cheekbones like my children!!!!

Theighs a bit of dissapointment, although shrunk on last measurement 4 inches as still flab in the breeze. However I like them in snug gurdle like jeans and even convince my self I have slim legs!

As for that tum bit, it's smaller but still there and I will always have hips. Boobs now in mainstream range and enjoying buying bras that are preety and come without scafold.
I think its all about genetics!!!! My whole family have the same body shape. My legs are great and always have been (if I say so myself!) I have no bum at all and look very trim from the back!!! Unfortunately I just have this huge stomach from under my breasts downwards!! I look like I've had 6 kids (and I haven't had any:cry:) It makes buying clothes a nightmare, nothing fits properly. Anyway I finally bit the bullet this week and started to do sit ups but boy did it hurt:cry:
On a better note, 'Big Belly' must be shrinking (even if I can't see it!!) as I've lost 7" from my waist with the 3.5 stone so heres hoping for another 7 with remaining 3.5. I've also set my target to mid BMI in the hope that it goes eventually. Who knows but I'd rather live a bit of the 'Big Belly' than strundle around carrying the extra 7 stones!! Feel so much better already. I hope someone at goal comes on and tells us that miraculously Big Belly disappears with the last stone;)
I recommend the sit ups. Been doing an abs class at the leisure centre for last couple of months and made huge difference. Convinced that's why I have a waist and not just down to LL.

It was torture the first month and I have always always hated any sit up type things, but told myself had to do it!

Good Luck on next few stones

Will fly by

Sam xx


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I'm the opposite to you all! My top half went quite nicely but the bottom half has taken ages to go. I am now quite boney but still have the bum and thighs. They are slowly getting into proportion but thighs are still quite chunky. I'm only 5ft 2 and a half so I just can't carry it as well as others.

Guess no one perfect!

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