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Losing weight when pregnant

Little miss plump

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Hi all, I'm currently doing Ww at home only as of 1st Jan & have just found out I'm pregnant.

I'm just wondering is it safe to carry on with the Ww for now? I'm eating healthy meals, very little junk except the odd treat so it's better than what I was eating before January.

Would I have to add on extra points or is it just a bad idea? I'm currently 4st overweight so I'd like to try keep up the healthy eating & lose a tiny bit more over the next few months before the baby weight goes on
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When I did ww I think they said you couldn't do it if you were pregnant? I know slimming world allow pregnant ladies with consent of their midwives I think. I would not personally do ww and stick to healthy eating if you don't want to join a class. Why don't you ask your GP? Congratulations xx


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I followed ww through some of my pregnancy, I calculated my points as though I was breast feeding, x


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I would ask your GP. Congratulations!

Little miss plump

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Thanks for the replies. I do intend to ask my doctor but I can't get an appointment until Thursday so just wasn't sure what to do.

I've been so hungry all day so I just ate healthy snacks as I felt I needed to plus regular meals. I think I'll just try keep that up for now :)


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Firstly congratulations..I'm no expert on this but personally I'd say enjoy ur pregnancy it's one of the best yet physically demanding times u will probably ever experience so I'd sit back and relax n leave the diets till after your pregnancy.

Good luck and all the best xx


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I am with you. Found out i am pregnant again. Have a 2 year old and a 14 month old. Was on a VLCD and have had to come off it. Am thinking of following slimming world. THink you can do WW as long as you tell them your pregnant and you can up your points allowance


I started ww this week and im preg. i see it like this... i eat 3 healthy meals and 5 portions of fruit n veg a day when doing ww. when i arent doin weight watchers i eat chocolate, crisps, loads of fizzy drinks and because of that i dont feel like eating proper (healthy) meals. not doin ww would be more harmful for me and baby. good luck :)


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Im starting ww tomorrow and im 25 weeks preg, had success before i got preg but im gaining to fast so need something to help me slow down!


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I'm trying to conceive and am starting the sw diet again this week as i've gained 2 stone since getting wed. I fully intend to carry it on during pregnancy as as the lady said doing ww, i eat far more healthily when on this diet (more fruit and veg) 3 healthy meals which can only benefit your baby and you'll lose body fat in the process. Try walking too, i'm planning to walk for at least half an hour a day as it gives your baby more oxygen and burns fat for you.


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Yeah I eat better when I diet too, all I eat is crap when I don't!