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Loss of inches but nothing on the scale

Yesterday I measured myself and realized that I have lost a total of 23 inches from all over my body:) and I am quiet happy. But I have been weighing the same for the last 1 week with absolutely no change... :confused: Is this normal. I am doing the ss+ and being very careful what I eat. I can feel my clothes are looser but somehow I don't feel motivated as there is no change to what I weigh:( And I have to lose at least 25 kilos...:cry:
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Yes this is normal hunni, wow 23inches well done hunni, you are doing great, keep up the fantastic work.
The lbs will follow hun, dont worry.xx


Scales can be deceptive Remia so maybe cut back to weighing yourself every 2nd day to see if that helps......scales not moving can be demotivating but we're all SO tempted by them, just asking to be stepped on (I'm a daily weigher and can't stop!). I'm sure the losses are lurking and you'll be pleasantly surprised by WI day.


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Am with you there, I can't stop weighing myself everyday, after my first WI, I kept checking and the scale was just not moving, I was getting soo depressed but the 3rd day of my 2nd week I found I had lost 3Ibs! was well excited, despite the urge to weigh myself everyday, i've decided that I won't do it anymore and just do it once a week, Well done on your inch loss and weight loss too so far, you've done a grand job, hang in there babes.
Thank you all for your help... I know you all understand how I feel. I am so addicted to the weighing machine! And yes it's SO depressing when they don't budge. Also it's making me so moody and I cry for the silliest of things:( I have finished 4 weeks on the CD and have lost only 6 kgs and I see here that many have lost so much more ... I feel like just getting into bed and staying there... Day after tomorrow is my b'day! And my hubby and friends are bringing in cakes and goodies! How will I cope? I love them all and don't want to be a spoil sport:(


Eh hello - 6kgs in 4 weeks is bloody great! That's almost a stone in 4 weeks which is what to expect on SS/SS+ so you are doing brilliantly. Happy birthday for day after tomorrow and I'm sure your hubby and friends will understand if you avoid the cakes and goodies - sticking to SS is the best birthday present you can give yourself. Back in 2001 I started WW in January so that my birthday present to myself would be to get to goal.....and I did. Remember YOU come first so do what makes you happy, and all around you will be happy for you.
Hey Minz! so u really think that the weight loss is good? I haven't visited my CDC in 3 weeks now and somehow I don't feel like going:( Also I like what you said here that we should think of ourselves first and sticking to SS should be our gift! that's quite right what u said here...Thanks for your encouragement.... and for the b'day wishes darlin! you made my day, y'know:) God bless you!
I am praying for the courage to say NO day after tomorrow. My hubby will be taking me for dinner so I asked him to pick a place that serves grilled food. Yeah?


That's the spirit - I'm sure your hubby will do all he can to support you. If he's straying towards the 'a bit of this can't hurt' camp, just sit him down and explain how the diet works and how important it is to you. I was telling OH that I was worried that our holiday in September will put me a step back on CD, but he said that he'll do all he can to make sure it doesn't - your hubby will be the same......oh, and don't be afraid to order exactly what you want - tell them you are allergic to oils/dressings and that should do the trick. I've had a few meals out where I've had to be megga specific with what I want but the minute you mention 'allergy' they do what you want. Good luck.
i totally agree with everything minz said.

happy birthday.x
Thanks Susan for the wishes:) I like what you said Minz about "allergy"!! I had a good laugh now:) I think I will just do that. I will look whacky when I tell the waiter that I am allergic to dressings and oils!! HA HA!! I could have some grilled fish and veggies without any butter... Hubby is very supportive and he makes sure that I don't stray so that's a relief! God bless you gals... I feel more confident now :) My real gift will be when I can get into that lingerie that I bought right after marriage and give my hubby a lap dance;)
Wooo you little minx - go girl! You won't look whacky with the allergy bit, a lot of people have them and sometimes when I ask for no dressings, they actually ask if I just don't like them or am allergic, so I've got used to saying the latter as they won't want to risk you 'taking a turn at the table' lol

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