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Losses on Extra Easy ??

Hi , I started SW today and will be asking loads of questions .. so be prepared to see my ugly mug A LOT !!!!
anyway , I did SW about 13 yrs ago and the premise of how it worked was not mixing protein and carbs .. now we can ??!!

i just wondered if anyone has found their losses are less on EE or are they the same as the old origanal and red plans?? I love the look of EE and it is very easy like ti says .. but does it work as well ???

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Now to maintain.....
ive been doing ee for 6 weeks now(5 weigh ins) and ive lost 4lbs,3lbs,2.5lbs,1.5lbs and 3.5lbs.

so yes it does definately work!!!!

i know where you are coming from though,im still not 'getting' how we can do it but its working so im carrying on,lol!!


Lover of Extra Easy
Yes it works! I did red and green previously and fell off the wagon each time as I found it too restrictive.
I won't ever do any other plan again, and the losses, for me, have been about the same on all plans. I just found that EE is far easier to do, and maintain, and almost a year since I started, nearly 5 months from hitting target, I am still as inspired by it as I was from day one.


Will be thin god dammit!!
I did Sw about 2 years ago too on Red and Green and im now on EE and find the losses brilliant and I find it really really easy to follow too!

Wee Doll

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i mix and match my weeks i do extra easy thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and on monday, tuesday and wednesday i do green and i find it works really well for me :D

I dont eat alot of meat and sometimes i prefer 2 healthy extras
im on ee since 28th feb and iv lost 2stone 4.5lbs so i can defo recommend!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Mummyferris - your losses are fab, any tips?
Ive lost 4lb on my 1st wk on EE but i have this thought at the back of my head i am eating too much does anyone else feel like this ?


Will be thin god dammit!!
I lost 5lb my first week justmummy - its fine honestly!


Never gets tired of SW!
I've done mainly EE in the 28 weeks I've been 'at it'!! I've lost an average of 1.5 lb per week, which I'm very happy with!! Purely to add a bit of variety and to mix things up a bit I've had mostly red in the last couple of weeks and lost 3lb and 2lb respectively! It's too early to tell whether this is because of the red or whether my body would have done that anyway and will now have a couple of weeks with smaller losses to recover!! Who knows!! EE is a very practical plan if you love a variety of foods and has suited me very well- especially when eating out or cooking for others!! I tend to just go with whichever I feel like at the time!! Green is also great!! All I know is that if you stick to the plan, whichever you choose, you will reap the benefits!! Welcome to MM/SW and good luck!!XXX
I lost 5lb my first week justmummy - its fine honestly!
hiya, i really do stick to it 100% and in the 10 weeks ive had one big blow out on drink and one big blow out on food (ate and drank what i wanted) :party0051:
i have also given up bread (it was a demon of mine) and i go to the gym 3 times a week and burn an average of 400-700cals a day! :character00115:
i feel great, the plan reallly works and i probably will eat like this for life. :wee:

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