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Lost it....

I've only been doing this for 2 weeks, and this week I am very disappointed with myself...
It was my Birthday on Thursday and my husband took me to London to do some shopping... I didn't care about the diet... I decided to just eat whatever I wanted for the day... we ate at my fave restaurant prezzo, had a starbucks frapuccino.
We went to the cinema, and I got a bag of pic n mix
I went to my mum's yesterday and ate a small slice of birthday cake, 2 chicken legs (without the skin, but dipped in full fat humus), a scotch egg and a toblerone.
When we got home at about 7pm, I got so engrossed in my art that I forgot to eat until 11pm and realised I was starved (My Brother and his mate had come over to play the xbox too)... so my husband went to the chicken shop as it was the only thing open and we had nothing in the cupboards... I had to eat, as I had felt so sick, so i joined him, my brother and his mate on the chicken and chips.

I am so annoyed at myself... I need to get back on track, but I haven't the time to go shopping properly until monday... I don't have a car so have to travel on the bus 30 mins away... It ends up being a day trip when we go food shopping.
I'm at work right now... I had a ham salad sandwich on brown bread (pre packed) and a bag of snack a jacks for dinner... I'm gonna have to see what the corner shop has on offer... does anyone have any suggestions on that one? lol

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Do you do original, green, or extra easy days? I'm guessing original, based on the ham salad? Corner shops really aren't very SW friendly I'm afraid. Is it a snack or a meal you need to get there?
try not to worry too much about london and get back on plan enjoy food and you will feel more in control. try stock up on some fruit to snaxk on so your not tempted by choccies etc.
I have got some muller light yogurts and alpen lights for snacks for a couple of days. I just need to make up some meals...
I mostly do red days, as I tend to feel quite bloated on green days. I don't go to any classes as I can't afford it and work irregular shift patterns that wouldn't work anyway... I'm learning more and more about EE, but i've been sticking to what I know from when I did it a year ago...
I've just remembered that I've got a big bag of potatoes at home... so I could probably get a tin of beans and some eggs and do a couple of green days

I'll be picking up the exercise regime for a few days now too, so I can try and at least get back down to what I weighed before London...

Thanks for the help and support :)
I feel so much better for even just writing this down... :)


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If you eat meat you should really read up on EE days...might make it easier, especially with limited chances for shopping x


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Does your corner shop have pasta. You could rustle up some pasta dishes. Possiblity they may even stock packets of batchelors pasta n sauces and savoury rices. Get frozen veggies.

Cheap easy ideas - pasta dishes such as pasta and veggies with hea of cheese on top, tuna pasta salad.

Have a rumouge through your freezer.

Maybe post what you have on here and we can give you ideas what to make.

Hope this helps xx
Hi, I'm a diet with go-lower. which is a low carb diet have you heard of it ? I have lost 8lb over the last 3 weeks, which i'm really happy about. It's a really simple diet to follow majority of the meals & snacks are proivded so you don't really need to plan your meals plus the food is delivered to your door every 2 weeks.


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Clotty, most of us have chosen to follow the Slimming World way of eating as it is such a healthy, balanced, fulfilling way to eat.

Personally I don't even class it as a diet - I will be eating this way for the rest of my life, and enjoying every mouthful ♥

Best of luck with your chosen diet, and keep up the good work.


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I agree, SW is the only way to go, for me anyway. It's a life long eating programme and I really could not do with eating low carb pre packed meals! I don't think that can be sustainable for life, and one needs to be able to think about the future, not just while you are losing weight.
However, if it works for you, good luck!
I'm going for the BIG SHOP tomorrow... so I can get back on track... I have also decided to find the money and time to join a local group... If I'm going to do it, I need to do it seriously. Plus I want to know more about EE...
Thanks for all the help and support :)
I'll be getting a bag of pasta and some frozen veg too tomorrow... so if this ever happens again, I will always have something to fall back on :D

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