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lost my way

Hi my name is Channeil and i'm a size 22, really wnt 2 get dwn 2 a size 16 by the summer, but i have lost all my motivation and can't seem 2 b bothered abt losing anymore weight. wud really love sum advice, have tried thinkin bk 2 wen i have done really well, cus have lost 4 stone since i started S/W, but it doesn't seem 2 help. my family r really helpful, but i jus dnt seem 2 care. wud really like ppl 2 give sum gud honest advice, thx in advance :(
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Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Hi Channeil,

Welcome to the forum.

The trouble is that in order to lose weight, you need your head in it, you need to be the one that wants to change you for you.

What was your drive for your weight loss before? What sparked you into action and drove you on? You seem like you want to lose the weight but you have no drive there to get you going.
the reason i wanted 2 lose weight was because i was n still am unhappy wit the way i look. i really wnt 2 lose the weight, but i jus can't seem 2 find the energy n willpower that i used 2 have. i no it's still there, but i jus can't seem 2 tap into it. i no i will find it, i jus hope it's mot wen i pile all the weight bk on. i no i seem a bore, but it's so much easier 2 tell strangers than it is ur family. thx 4 ur help :)


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Totally understand the stranger thing. Strangers always easier to talk to!

As for tapping into it, I'm not sure what to recommend, because its a headthing that you need to get into. Usually something that shocks most people into the loss and gives them motivation (and did with me as with a lot on this forum) is a really awful picture of themselves. Do you have any which arent particularly flattering, or perhaps take one? Then have it printed and placed around to remind you, try to look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you have to change the way you look (I'm sure you probably avoid mirrors like most of us), but it all helps get you boosted and on the way.

Sorry I cant really be of much help, but it's one of them self motivation things, and once you get going, you have everyone here to support you :)
Hi and welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place to help with the motivational side of sticking to your paln but untill the special something clicks in your head its hard to get on the right track
don't be hard on yourself just give it time and have a little read on the diarys of those who have achieved there goals

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