Returning , swapping and now my final diet diary Exante


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So I did this diet few years ago, lost loads of weight had lock down last year, ballooned, tried lighter life beginning of jan 2021, had terrible tummy issues. Then joined weight watchers green plan.......lost 5lbs in three weeks.

Looked in my cupboard under the stairs, saw a box of Exante products and yesterday Monday was my day one.

I had three bars Monday 100grammes steak and two baby bel lights( yes I know over my food intake)

praying to go to the toilet with out the horrible ketos belly( other wise know as the shits”
I did have loose bowels but nothing to bad.

all through day one I was hoping and praying to be able to stick to this.
Which I did not 100% but good enough for me.


after managing day one I am now hoping for another good day tummy wise on this diet.
Products to day was birthday cake bar, Dahl pot, lemon bar 100gram steak and 150 grams of salad.

I am allowing my self to have 2/3 Coke zeros as to keep me on my diet.
I might go to four products and no food once I am-in the swing of it.
So today I phone one of my girls I work with( we both on annual leave this week) told her about being back on products again.

she struggles with dieting to, I was honest and just said I really need to stay on this with out ketos tummy.

we laughed a lot about my desperation and struggles but told her I can’t do another summer this size.
So I am going to message her daily and let her know how I am doing.....

haven’t told the husband I am doing Exante again he just thinks I am doing ww.
Boy my head is all over the place.
I have brought my self a out fit for summer/ spring a goal to get in to.
Well there you are, that’s me.

how are you all getting on?

lisa xx
Day three

today’s been ok.
I have had four products 3 chocolate fudge bars and a chocolate orange bar.

I have not got a bad ketos tummy but I have not passed anything solid.
Hoping that this will sort it self out very soon.
Thinking about ending two boiled eggs a day to help bung me up.

I am so determined to sick to this.
I really need to be pooping properly by Monday when I am back at work.

All I am thinking about is three stone loss , weigh day on Monday and being totally obsessed with any thing weight loss Exante at the moment.

if any one else has tips on how to sto ketos tummy please drop a message n this thread.
See you all again tomorrow for my next entry.
Lisa xx
Day four

I know I am not meant to but I can’t control some things( give me a break I am controlling my mouth 🤦🏼‍♀️🤐)
I jumped on the scales this morning and I am 4 lb down from Monday....yippeee and this is why I will continue with this the results....peed on stick no change.....hoping it will go pink tomorrow.....I really want to go in to ketosis so I don’t feel hungry and hopefully feel more energetic.

so today still not pooping properly....had shake for break fast and used some of it in my coffee instead on splash of milk. The chocolate fudge bar for lunch and tea plus two boiled eggs and 100 grams of broccoli. 3 Coke zeros( yes I know not great but I stuck to plan).....omg I know you shouldn’t wish your life away and I am only on day 4 for god sake but I wish I was 3 months in and lighter.....note to ones self once I am off this ....don’t get fat again..don’t get fat again..........don’t put weight on and do this again......this is hard work....this has to be the last time.....omg do any of you talk your selfs like I do????

told husband about the diet , he’s worried I will get sick or some thing else he read about on line.....only one of my friends knows about this but hey.....

I do feel bit light head on and off today , not sure what that’s all about as have never felt like that before.
Added eggs and broccoli in place of a bar......ordered more bars today as they are my easy grab don’t have to think about any thing.

shakes are ok but I add ice and make the double the volume.

hope your all doing well Exante dieters.....
See you all again tomorrow......stay strong got this

lisa xxx
Day five Friday

jumper on the change......not a massive shock....
Peed on the stick.......staring at in impatiently ....yes, yes, yes it’s turned dark pink.....thank holy moly for that......then I relized I don’t feel hungry today yet, whoop whoop so pleased
I had shake for breakfast , bar for lunch and dinner times not arrived yet so not sure.....
Probably to much info but normal toileting has resumed and I have a air of EXCITMENT, for the first time in 14 months I feel confident that I shall be smaller again.........
I am glad we in lock down it’s Valentine’s on Sunday ,husbands birthday Monday, no pressure to go out and eat.( this will make things a bit easier for time-any way )
Stay strong exanters remember “ eating is cheating “ I must remember this once I get to the maintenance stage 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

lisa 😘 xx
Day six Saturday

jumper-on the change.....I know I weigh to often.
I cant help it. So yesterday I ordered some more bars and water enhancers , now I know I am ok on it.
So products to day have been a shake, birthday cake bar and the syrup pancakes which where amazing, I had them with the Exante raspberry sauce.

just when I thought I had removed all temptation husband announced he’s going to buy me a box of ferro chocolates for when I am off my diet. I asked him not to and he was very sure that he was going to. I then explained that I remove my highest temptations out the house so I have a much better chance of staying on track and that’s not helpful , if he really does care then for the love of god please don’t buy those for me as it’s hard enough as it is. I am not sure I could resist the temptation of one of my most favourite foods.
he then agreed he would not buy them(🙏🏻🌈💕 thank holy **** for that)

we went of to the shop and came home with two massive bunches of flowers , I am so happy he listened and rather relieved.

so today I have been absolutely bloody freezing, I have had long sleeve t shirt on a jumper and hot water bottle , blanket. Socks and slippers.
I know being cold is a side effect.( not sure how long this lasts)

so all in all another good day.
Monday is weigh in day and first night shift back at work...that’s going to be interesting.......see all you lovely dieters again tomorrow for day seven.....stay strong Exante lovers 💕♥️🙏🏻🌈 eating is cheating , see you again tomorrow
Lisa ...xxxx
Day seven. Sunday

so today I am still cold but not to bad.
Three and half products today.

I made half of a shake up as my milk for my coffee.
Three bars....under 800 calories.......I didn’t step on the scales today.....I feel very nervous about weight in day tomorrow....I really would like to be in my next stones zone. It won’t be the end of the world but you know when you really, really ,really want it......well that’s me.

I am back at work tomorrow night....night shift....that’s going to be interesting, I am hoping the girls might notice I have lost weight.
Going to take bars with me might have four products as it can be busy and I will need to replace energy burnt off but time will tell on that one , so I will write how that went on Tuesday before I go to bed.

see you all again love Exante dieters.........

lisa xxx
Week 2 day one

quick mini morning update 6 lb off for me not in next stones zones , not going to lie I am Avery small bit disappointed but hey I definitely will be next week and that’s what I have to remember.
Have a good day dieters and stay strong xxxx
Undate from this morning.
I have 3 bars with me incase I need to have them hoping only one will be eaten . Got my stock, beanies coffee,zero cream soda , zero coke and my water enhancers.

I am feeling confident that I will be ok. Had 3 product today and some cauliflower so if I need to eat another one I can.
Will update tomorrow before I am back in for my second night shift.

see you all again tomorrow for day two of my second week on plan.

stay strong ....,,lisa 😘 xxxx
Week two day two...Tuesday
Quick update.
Stuck to plan 1000% had four products in total yesterday . Very pleased with my self so far so good. Going to bed now . Update again later
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Wednesday week two day three

so last night on shift was hard....I was emotionally hungry and not physically hungry.....( yes theres a difference between those being hungry).

I didn’t cave in but boy I really wanted too......can home went to bed.
So go up and had a bar at 3pm coffee and Coke Zero.
I am planning on having pancakes later and bar tonight.
I feel bit pants today. I have a headache hoping it’s just dehydration.
Any way I not got on the scales since Monday and I can feel the urge to get on them.
Might have a cheeky weigh in tomorrow morning.

see you all again tomorrow for another diet diary entry......
Week two day four

I feel pretty grumpy today, not sure why but I do.
Had bar for breakfast , shake for lunch , every thing was going well diet wise then when I was making dinner for my family I really mucked my diet up......I ate pretty much a whole tin of corn beef.......I feel cross with my self now......had my last product which was pancakes and now my tummy feels like I have swallowed a rock.
My tummy feels heavy and uncomfortable.

on reflection I think I left it to long between products . Next time I feel like I need my products I will have them even if it’s early so as to not repeat this mistake....
I am not going to dwell on it, it’s one of those things .
How ever I don’t want to repeat it.

I did jump on scale this morning no change since last weigh in bit pissed off about that. Going to try to get out for walk tomorrow albeit a short one weather permitting.

one good thing today my daughter said she can see I have lost weight on my tummy, yabba daba doooo.......must hold on to this positive thing after a poo day........

see you all again lovely people tomorrow

Week two day five

boy did I have a belly ache in bed last night.

so I didn’t jump on the scales today but I still feel really moody. Today I have had 3 products 100 grams salad and two boiled eggs. I split the meal in to two and had each on a side plate , one at lunch and one at tea.
I got bread out buttered it then when to bite then put it in the bin. I did this 3 times today....three times wtaf is wrong with me.
I did have ham and slices pork extra but all in all I did ok.

I am not enjoying my diet and feeling crappy emotionally.
I can’t remember it ever feeling this hard.....I mean I knew it was hard but I am doing battle with myself the last few days.......hoping to go out for walk tomorrow and get this mood out my head.
Week two day five

boy did I have a belly ache in bed last night.

so I didn’t jump on the scales today but I still feel really moody. Today I have had 3 products 100 grams salad and two boiled eggs. I split the meal in to two and had each on a side plate , one at lunch and one at tea.
I got bread out buttered it then when to bite then put it in the bin. I did this 3 times today....three times wtaf is wrong with me.
I did have ham and slices pork extra but all in all I did ok.

I am not enjoying my diet and feeling crappy emotionally.
I can’t remember it ever feeling this hard.....I mean I knew it was hard but I am doing battle with myself the last few days.......hoping to go out for walk tomorrow and get this mood out my head.
Just caught up with your diary Lisa. You’re doing amazing. I’ve just ordered some more products to start Monday. I have done it and lost weight a few times before. Keep yo-yo-ing though! Really want this to be the last time. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be able to stomach exante again, but no other diet gets the weight off as quick; and it can be quite satisfying peeing ever so often on a stick to keep checking you’re in fat burning mode. How are you getting on drinking the 3-4 litres of water. I’m not looking forward to the ten million toilet trips while my body adjusts, but it will be worth it in the long run. Anyway, looking forward to joining you next week - Lisa xx
Saturday week two day 6

well I got on the scales and I am only one lb bloody pound......mood meter is set to happy today despite my lack of lb’s off

we went to the sea this morning for a walk along the front,
It was just what I needed.
Windy but not cold ( did have thick coat and gloves on).
So The husband and I walked across the sand enjoying the beautiful sun on our faces.

Had a drive about on way home. Played a few board games.
Then dinner time for four people( except I can’t have a proper dinner ).
I made them all toad in the hole with mash, carrots, leeks and green beans, thick gravy. I knew I needed hot food tonight so I took stock cube and serving spoon leeks few green beans and whizzed it up, which made a very watery but some what satisfying soup for my self....completely on plan. Seasoned it with lots and lots black pepper.

I am a bit behind on the fluid front so will make a huge bottle water with enhancer later.

so I had Exante pancakes for breakfast , a bar when I was out, the soup plus couple slices ham. I can if I need to have a bar later but I am going to try not to.
I really need to be more than 1 lb down this week.our walk clocked up 6;789 steps today. May be go for a walk again tomorrow but we won’t drive to the beach again.

@Lisa-Ann I am finding getting 3 litres down easier with water enhancers. How ever a bit down today.I think when I did it enforce they like you to drink 4 litres.
A couple days this week I have only managed 2 1/2.

The sunshine today reminded me that I have to stick to this or I am going to not be wearing all my lovely summer clothes I didn’t wear last year and I can’t do another summer of being over weight and sweaty.

see you all again tomorrow for another diet entry.

lisa xx
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Sunday week two day 7

well tomorrow is weigh in day......I am hoping for 2 lb loss but hey we will see.

today I have had 3 bars salad and slice beef.

I went for small stroll around the village clocked up 3000 steps but hurt my foot so had my feet up rest of the day.

today has not been bad. I feel happy .....not been to hungry physically but mentally I am starving........sound nuts but I am in tune with my body now, had two Coke zeros and cup stock.......

so I will update once I have weighted in tomorrow morning.

stay strong Exante lovers

lisa xxx
Monday week 3

So day one week times I didn’t think I would make it this far.....but I have.......into my next stones zone.....2 lb off for me this week.....mental......feeling happy, content that I can do this ........update later the products I have had today.

Lisa xxx
Good morning Lisa ah that’s awesome well done on your weigh in you are absolutely smashing it, I think I need to get Coke Zero and some bits of sliced ham or chicken, I literally lived on Coke Zero and a bar last time I did this and it really does keep you on track. Have an awesome day and well done 👏
Monday week three day one update

So tonight I am back in work and tomorrow night, I had two bars during day and instead of bar fr tea I have had two boiled eggs and tin tuna with salad. I a, taking bars with me if I need one but hoping I will not.

I am taking Coke Zero, water enhancers and beanies coffee, stock drink, all bases covered.

see you all again tomorrow for another diet update....

stay strong Exante lovers xxxx