Returning , swapping and now my final diet diary Exante

Hi every one

so sorry I have not posted but I have fallen off the wagon big time....I hurt my back on Monday night....I have eaten like pac man , not been on plan at all.
The pain killers I have got from my gp are pretty strong and I asked him about my diet ( even though I had slipped up food wise before I saw him)
He’s told me to eat normally till the end of the week . So today I had rolls with cheese and ham in and tonight egg salad.

my back is feeling painful still.
I am planing on having salads and vegetables ( not potatoes) and lean protien till Friday .

feeling very sorry for myself at mo but it is what it is.
So I am going to update at the weekend and hopefully I be back on it again Monday.
Feel a bit of a failure at moment but trying not to be pac man....I am still very much a emotional eater.....see you all soon

Lisa xxxxx
Awe Lisa, don’t beat yourself up. Do as your GP said and eat normally until the end of the week. Your plan for salads and vegetables with lean protein sounds good. You may even give your weight loss a boost when you do get back on plan. Didn’t we used to have a food week on exante anyway, just see it as that. We’ll all still be here cheering you on when you get back to it on Monday. I’m also an emotional eater, really wish I could crack that. keep your chin up xx
Ah Lisa hugs hope your back feels better soon pls don’t beat yourself over it these things happen I’ve done it a trillion times, right now it’s best to follow your gps advice and come Monday you can have a restart, I’m an emotional eater too so know how you feel. X
Hi everyone , I am not on Exante any more, long story short , I was admitted to hospital in beginning of March with a acute infection in my gall bladder, was on IV anti for 2 weeks. I came out hospital end march 30 th and still recovering from I will not be able to follow this diet any more.
I am awaiting a scan to say my infection has gone enough to then have surgery for my gall bladder out.
I have lost weight ( over stone since being ill)
Sorry it’s taken me so long to let you all know why I have not been here

Lisa xxxxxx
I am so sorry you've been ill- and glad you are home.