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(sorry if this is in wrong place, didn't really seem to fit anywhere)

Could do with some advice really. I've been doing SW for just over a year, mainly on my own and started group this year as thought it would motivate me more.

Lost 2.5 stone and then had a family bereavement followed by Christmas and managed to put on a stone. So started group, got the new books and have been following SW to the absolute letter - measuring hexs, snacking on superfree, counting every syn, everything. Consultant has said food diaries are good and I know I'm doing everything right. Trouble is, weight isn't really moving and I still have 2.5 stone to go. I was 13.9 before Xmas and now at 13.11 (2.5 on, 0.5 off, 1 off). So SW combined with 3-4 sessions at gym each week and not much is happening. So I've started working out calories on MFP app. I know it's against SW but I just couldn't figure out where I'm going wrong. Then I saw the calories and I'm eating well over 2000 a day yet sticking exactly to SW and I'm confused. I've done this before and know it works but right now I'm going wrong. I think I've figured it out - I think I'm eating a lot more "because its free" and not really registering if I'm hungry. I'm planning my week and getting organised and planning SW meals and putting syns in but managing to overeat. It's always been my problem so I think I'm doing it again. It's like I have constant fruit during the day "because its superfree" and then potatoes with dinner even when I probably don't need them "because they're free" and a pudding "because I've saved my syns for it".

Has anyone else been like this and managed to get back into it? It's like my head needs a shake up. I know SW is about eating when you're hungry but I think from years of dieting I've developed a fear of bring hungry as it results in bingeing which I don't want to go back to. Considering switching to calorie counting. Would really appreciate any help or advice. Sorry for such a long, waffling post x
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I'd say if you're eating 2000 calories a day you need to look at your portion sizes, when I did MFP with SW i was eating about 1500 calories a day. although if you're exercising you probably need more.

How about measuring inches or trying on clothes that were too tight and see how they fit now?

like Jezzi says though 2 losses after Christmas is great, maybe its already started moving again ?

good luck xx


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I know some will disagree, but I think it's hard to combine diets like this. The basic rule of calories in vs calories out is of course correct, but if you're going to count calories, why follow SW? SW works because it naturally restricts your calories to the point where (in theory) you have a deficit of 3500-7000 calories per week - which translates to 1-2lb lost per week. When this gets tough (ie the deficit isn't great enough so you don't lose weight), SW consultants suggest eating more superfree or doing Success Express (both of which restrict your calories even more, because you're full of low calorie foods).

I think SW works if you stick to it, and calorie counting works if you stick to it. With SW, it's important to remember the SW rule of not overeating (ie stop when you're full) and then you'll see losses.

You've got the last stone and a half to to lose and if you're ending your weight loss journey with losses of about a pound a week, I think you're pretty much on the same page as most people. It may take a few months, but the last 20 pounds will come off eventually, if you stick to the plan. Remember your training will be altering your body shape too, so it isn't just about what shows on the scales each week.

The trick will be in the maintaining, of course. That's the difficult bit if you ask me!

Good luck!


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Your post struck a chord with me. I have followed SW in the past and haven't always lost weight at the rate I would have expected. I remember sitting in group having lost maybe 0.5lb when I had followed the plan completely (or so I thought) and exercised but others always seemed to lose more. I ended up giving up and the weight piled on again!

I'm now giving SW another go but going alone as I can' t make the classes. This is my first post but I've been finding my way round the site and there are some brilliant posts. I'm starting to think about SW in a different way and picking up lots of tips. Definitely think I overate in the past and probably didn't include enough super freefoods. This time I will get to my target weight!