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Lost Soul in need of Inspiration

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Cherish, 27 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Cherish

    Cherish Full Member

    Hi everybody, hope you are all well.

    Well, I've been havig a very stressful two weeks (work, exams, family issues,etc) and I've copmpletely fallen off the wagon. I don't know the extend of the damage because I don't owe a pair of scales. Anyway, after losing 9lb in the first two weeks of my journey i know feel like it's almost impossible to get back on.

    The thing is that I really want this to happen for me, and now with my exams over I feel I might be able to get focused again and keep losing weight.

    I know it might sound like I'm full of excuses but that's basically what's up!! I'm open to suggestions, so please send them my way:).

    Anyway slimmers have a blessed week and!!!!
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  3. Hi Cherish.....
    Ok I will be the one to do some upfront heavy talk!!!!
    You did really welll the first week 8lb if I'm not mistaken followed by 1lb? So 9lb over two weeks.... that is a fab first fortnight.....
    You say you really want this. so you need to start being straight with yourself!

    Write down on a bit of paper all the reasons you want to be slim, then write down the reasons you want to remain fat.... you should have a lot more reasons int he first column.... then you need to ask yourself which foods are causing disruption to your diet.... think of each food then think about what it's true worth is when compared to getting your dream of slimness!!

    I was a sucker for crisps!! Loved them by the multi pack!!!! My hubby and I could eat 4 packs at a time.. unfortunately he is 6foot and 11st!!! I ate a packet of crisps and really tasted them... I mean I licked the flavour off, then ate the things... and when I was honest it tasted greasy and actualyl not that fantastic... so it was easy to think OK slimdom is more attractive than this!!!

    We all crave foods when we are lsoing weight, it's our personal sabbotarge systems kicking in... but you have to decide to take control.... You CAN do it.. SW is not hard... maybe a bit tricky to get your head around the rules, but the actual amounts and types of food you can eat is NOT a punishment.... I had a wonderful SYN free Korma tonight with a salad <always eat my curreis with sald even when not dieting> I have egg and chips.... I have spag bol, salmon and chips....
    Most meals are possible by mixing the healthy extras in with meals and using your syns wisely.... you need never be hungry.....
    I know that I CAN have crisps if I want them.... If I crave them I tell myself to wait half an hour and if after a drink I still want them, I would have them.... often acknowledging the craving and knowing you can eat the damn thing ttakes away the craving so you don't end up eating it.....
    Find the bit inside of you that will fight for you!
    Every week I now have a day totally to myself when the kids are at school I take myself off for the whole day!!! Pure me time! You have to start treating yourself with the respect you deserve!
    You are here asking all of us for help.. so you obviosuly do want it.... but no one can do this for you..... for any of us.... but even though you have to do the work yourself we can be here for each other....
    I am no diet expert.... I have dieted on and off for 30 years... this time though with the big 40 approaching I have realized that I REALLY want it this time, and I AM going to do it.... thats what you need to tell yourself... find a reason... any reason thats important to you.. and use it to help you fight this fight....

    It doesn't matter how much weight you have put back on!!!! You can't go back and undo the damage... just from now, move forward and you will soon be stones lighter!

    Good luck < and I only went on as you requested a kick up the bum although you didn't use those words :eek:) >

    Anne x
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  4. missy3

    missy3 starving!

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    :D great reply.. im gonna take ur advice too.. im in the same situ
  5. Louise24

    Louise24 Gold Member

    slimming world
    Brilliant post, thank you! It's what I need too.

    I keep finding excuses but the only thing stopping me is... myself. I know I can do it as I've lost 3 stone previously on SW...... people started congratulating me and saying how good I looked.... which bought about more confidence etc, therefore I fell off the wagon! I've not put the weight back on but I've not continued losing either, I just congratulated myself way to early!!

    My major downfall was my birthday, I decided to take a week off slimming world and eat whatever I wanted e.g. chips one night, chinese the next loads of alcohol etc. In that week I didn't put on any weight, this was the start of my cheating as I thought if I can eat all that and not put on weight, then an extra bag of crips etc won't hurt.

    I didn't actually intend to ramble on as much as I have done, I normally find it really difficult to talk about my weight.

    I guess everyone falls off the wagon at some point Cherish, but we all just need to grit our teeth and get back on it.

    Happy Thursday

    Lou x
  6. StephCracknell

    StephCracknell Silver Member

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    I agree, Anne, fab advise I will take myself!!!

  7. Cherish

    Cherish Full Member

    Hi everbody (Specially Anne).

    Reading what you wrote was exactly what I needed. You are 100% right, only I can make this happen.

    Like you said, SW is not a restricting diet and when I stuck to it I didn't feel deprived of anything. However I think my biggest problem is anxiety, when I start eating something I enjoy I can't seem to stop. Most of the time I'm not even hungry.

    Anyway, I'm taking your tips on board and hopefully things will look up at my next meeting. I'll let you all know.

    To all other struglers: Read Anne's words and good luck!!

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