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Lost the plot


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Really annoyed with myself coz I can't stop eating everything in sight this week. Which means that I probably don't have a snowballs chance in hell of reaching my October target of 7lbs, even though I've less than a lb to go to get there. :sigh:

Why do I do it to myself???

And this cold weather's really not helping, I'm craving chocolate pudding now.
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soon to be skinny minnie
I know when it's cold weather i crave stodgy foods. Don't beat yourself up about it though. Decide on a date to start back plan and get all motivated for it. Draw a line under what you have eaten.


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I know when it's cold weather i crave stodgy foods. Don't beat yourself up about it though. Decide on a date to start back plan and get all motivated for it. Draw a line under what you have eaten.
Well, I drew a line under my flexi syn saturday, and ended up having 16 syns on Sunday.

Drew a line under Sunday and started Monday with lots of free roast veg, followed by half a tube of pringles, half a white cob generously buttered with chips, half a pasty, and half a bar of chocolate. (there's a pattern emerging, at least I only eat half of things ;))

Today I was planning on living on free stuff, but so far have had 2 hob nob creams, fish in breadcrumbs and chips (not the sw variety), and 4 treat size bars of chocolate.

I MUST have something at least half healthy for tea. Watch this space.


Finding inspiration
I try to get into the habit of brushing my teeth in the evening. Not just before bed like normal, I do it not long after tea. Often just having my teeth all clean is enough to stop me munching. Sometimes it seems to me that I pick at stuff just to put the taste in my mouth, not because I'm hungry. Having a nice, clean, fresh mouth often takes away the compulsion to eat, I guess its psychological, but it works for me.


Dreaming of being slim!
minders thats a bit similar to what i do... i have loads of ice white chewing gum in house and whenever i feel urge for something i pop a pellet in and chew for a few minutes...the fresh mouth feeling is there plus you couldnt eat anything for ages the mint is so hot anything after would taste vile


rainbows holiday buddy :)
we've all been there. the best thing i've found to do is have a green day and eat loads of pasta, jacket potatoes with cheese and beans, etc. so that you're full up. have a fruit salad with yogurt ready in the fridge if you know you'll fancy something sweet later on.
see that .. thats your line that is :)

just get back on track and write it off as a bad few days you can do it and as Karen says fill up on green days im always starving on red days ! also see if you can track down the listerine active strips the VLCD folks use stick one of them in your mouth and seriously you wont want to eat anything for ages afterwards they are very very minty!! i still use em now to put me off eating rubbish

Gen x


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I'm having strong urges to eat chocolate and takeaway curry. It doesn't help knowing I've got fun size bars in the cupboard for the trick or treaters on Friday. I must be strong!
when i'm craving chocolate i get an options sachet and mix it into a tub of fromage frais to make a chocolate mousse and then dip loads of fruit in it. i know it's not the same as have a big bar of galaxy but for me it just takes the edge off the craving.
Well, I finished yesterday off with a dominos pizza, but that's it, I'm back on plan today. So far I've had no syns at all, just free food and Hex's. Gonna have a go at the cous cous cake now in a mo. Bit miffed to read on the other thread that it might have syns tho.


Just follow the plan
Nice one Mair......mmmmm pizzaaaaa (I had to resist leftover pizza yesterday that I did for kids and DH. Was bloody hard!)


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I know it's not a food suggestion but what works really well when I need motivation is to watch an episode of You Are What You Eat on 4od (Supersize vs Superskinny works too but that's not available at the mo). If I'm doing well it makes me feel all virtuous and strengthens my will, if I'm struggling it makes me re-evaluate my priorities - do I want to eat rubbish for a quick fix or do I want to be slim and look good in any clothes I fancy wearing? Do I prefer junk food to being able to dress for a night out without a big drama over feeling like a pig in a sack?
Always sets me straight - seeing a table full of congealed stuff you were contemplating eating can put you right off.

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