lost the weight and the man..


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since losing weight my boyfriend of 3 years has changed and we recently split up.
I think it was something to do with me losing weight amongst other reasons, he got with me when I was 3 stone heavier and I love how he always liked me, and he fully supported me dieting too.
Am I being stupid in thinking this but; he mentioned having to keep an eye as all the boys will be after me now! Its kind of true as men can be shallow and yes I have been getting more male attention, but I was still happy with him.
Has anything similar happened to anyone else?
We had problems but he seemed to say that I have control over everything now, hed become increasingly jealous (of nothing) and I think it was a lot to do with me being smaller.
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This happened to a good friend of mine, they were married with 2 children, her husband at the time, as she became slimmer & more confident & happier in herself, he became jealous, controlling, suspicious & eventually they split.

V sad

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talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face! he's dumped you cause he's worried about other men's attention on you now that you're thinner! what was he thinking! that by dumping you it will stop other men noticing you! crackers! he's very insecure with himself.


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wow now that's rough. I hope you are ok. Just think this is a new start and a new you. How long would it have been until that support from him turned into sabotage for his own insecurities? Do what is right for you and be VERY proud in your weight loss.... it seems he had his own huge loss also... in you



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How awful and cruel of him. He should be proud of what you have achieved not splitting up with you because of his jealousy. I feel do feel for you hun x Well on a positive note you can be a lot more happier in yourself and I am sure that you will find somebody who appreciates you for who you are and not what you look like. (even though I am sure you look stunning now) :) Good luck with your new life and go have some fun girl you deserve it :)