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Lots of questions?

Serial spammer is back :p

I just have a few questions about the Xenical but don`t want to go to the Dr if I can help it.

Firstly, Along with the ravenous appetite, I am also exhausted. I dozed for about an hr yesterday eve and then today I was in and out for about 2 and a half hrs :sigh:

Can this be a side effect? I was wondering if maybe I need to take a vitamin supplement?

I actually feel how I do if I don`t take my Thyroxine, But I AM taking it? So I wondered if it may effect how much I get of it? Maybe I need to up it a bit to get the full effect? I have actually just had it reduced by 25mg but that`s because I was on too much, So it wouldn`t be that.

I only managed 20 mins on the Wii Fit today cos I was too crackered and my scores were the worst ever as I just had no energy. I need to be doing 30 mins - 1hr a day to make a difference =/

Sorry I am being such a whinging old hag at the moment :( I just have so many questions.

Thanks & Well done if you got the end of this!!

LiSe Xxxx

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Lise because your on meds, (thyroxine), the only person that can really answer your question is your doctor. I know you don't want to, but at the end of the day, none of us here are medically trained, we can only tell you of our own experiences hun. And all I can tell you is that I never got that tiredness
You sound like you are doing everything right, so I think it could possibly be that its something to do with your meds. Did your doc not increase the dose recently? Or did I imagine I read that?
Do you have a practice nurse you could talk to instead of the doc?
Thanks for the reply hun x

My Dr actually took my dose down by 25mg but apparently I was on too high a dose so it shouldn`t be down to that.

I nipped to Tesco last night and bought some multivitamins/minerals so will take them for a bit and see if there is an improvement :)

Hope you`re well Xxxxxxxx
I'm doing great Lise, thanks :)
If the tiredness continues, promise you'll get the doc to double check your thyroid levels xx
Will do mum ;) xXxxxx

Glad u well x
Hahahahaha!!! :cupid:

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