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Lots to lose...

Well done on your weightloss :)

I started with 7st 8lb to lose sadly, i've lost 50lbs since 1st march.

I know what I will look like as I yoyoed and have been 18lns from goal 4 years ago but I want to get to goal and I haven't been that low since 1998.

Have you any photos if you from
past at your goal weight?
I also look at pictures of people on here at the weight I will be at goal

I've a before and after so far on my profile can't load it to my profile piccy atm

Good luck x
Have alook at www.weightwatchers.co.uk/pictureit. I does make you look a little silly but it give you some idea! I have about 6 stone I want to lose as well, going to be a long hard slog but worth it in the end!
Good luck xxx
I have pics when i was slimmer but not at what i cool my goal weight i think in these pics i was bout 13st so they are my inspration at the mo.. i've always been "over weight" Im determind to do it this time tho i WILL do it and i will look gr8 :)
I tryed that thing on the WW site but i look silly and i think i will look diffrent from how they put me if you know what i mean.
I dont feel like ive lost 2 stone or nearly 2 stone any way its odd.


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I see the difference in you those pictures from the Butlins weekend you look fabulous in and you can really tell you have lost alot of weight, so keep at it you are doing brilliantly!

I have 7 stone i'd like to lose and so far i've lost 24lb so almost at the 2 stone mark I can thank Charlie for most of that though nearly 10lb of that loss was him! haha.
OMG!! how long have you been doing it Clare?? Thats amazing that youve lost neary 2 stone WOW!!!

I wish i felt it i mananged to squezze in to a size 18 skinny jeans lol and im bk comfortably in my size 20 stuff but i wanna be a 14 or just anything at the mo les then a 20... i always told myself i would not get to a 20 and i did and i went past that!.... no wounder my confidence is lacking :?
Start weight:20.4
Week 1 : 5.5LB
Week 2: 1.5LB
Week 3: 3.5LB
Week 4: 3.5LB Lost a Stone :D
Week 5: 5LB
Week 6: 2.5LB
Week 7: 1 LB
Week 8: 2.5LB
Week 9: 1.5LB
Hello swizzlestickfairy - I love your name!

I started out with 6.5 stone to lose and have actually done it, it took just over a year. I stuck to the plan, it was hard but I really needed to lose the weight for health reasons (and because I lusted after size 12 jeans :D)
It is so worth it, whenever you feel discouraged, don't think about how far you have to go, look at how far you have come. Even if there is a small loss one week, it is still taking you in the right direction and you are another small step closer to goal.
Good luck with it all, you can do it!


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You'll get there, just keep at it, we can always lean on each other on the bad days!

I'm only on my 4th week of WW and lost 9lb on it so far, the rest was just dropped off after I had Charlie.
I started out with just over 6 stone to lose and I've currently lost 27 lbs, so nearly 1/3rd of the way there.

I'm taking it bit by bit, looking forward to the changes but already I feel so much better. I can move quicker and genuinely feel lighter on my feet.

My motivation was my health and when I reached my 10% I was so pleased with the benefits of what I've achieved so far.

I reckon I'm on WW for the rest of my life. I accept that I need support in order to manage my weight and really don't want to go backwards in my quest.
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I guess i do need to look at it the other way round i have lots quite alot... Ive lost my motivation due to personal reasons and i just cant seem to concentrate on it proberly! its getting me down! :(
sometimes its hard to stay motivated but just read some of the fantastic success stories on here and its bound to make you feel motivated! x
I lost my motivation last week and ended up putting on 3lb. I had set myself a mini target and when I realised how hard this had made it for me I soon realised that I didn't want to ruin all my hard work so far!
I know it can be difficult, I nearly waivered earlier, my husband decided to walk round tesco telling me about all the nice things he wanted to eat which made me nearly scream but I stuck to my guns and I am now so pleased with myself that I did.
Just keep thinking about how happy you will be when the weight is coming off and when you get to your goal you will be so proud of yourself.
Good luck honey x

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