Louloubelle Is BACK My Journey Continued :)

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Maintenance' started by Louloubellehoney, 15 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    :)Hello Old friends I`m back!!!! I have put on around 10 lb`s after recuperating from my Op sooooo here goes again, ready to shift those pounds and more besides now... aiming for 11 st initially... ideal is 10 :)
    So hello to old friends and hopefully new... I know this forum rocks as far as support goes so I know I`m going to be fine in that respect. I got 7 stone off in 2011/2012... so this is gonna be a breeze compared. I have a postive mindset and I`m really going for it this time... Heres to DA[SIZE=3]Y 1[SIZE=3], 1st strawberry shake down the hatch, black coffee and loads of water inbetween.... Chat later if anyone replies? lol Cheers gi[SIZE=3]rls [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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  3. bigmuthabluffa

    bigmuthabluffa Well-Known Member

    hey louloubelle, welcome and here's to wk 1, on day 3 here :}
  4. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Hi hun, thankyou.. how you doin? Day 2 and so far so good... hungry but then thats fine, I`m used to it and no what to expect...
    Coffeeeee, water, shake 1 down the hatch.. now off to pick up my clients Ironing.. Chat laters xx
  5. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    Hey lovely!!!! X
  6. Shivie

    Shivie On a mission!

    Hi Lou! Nice to see you again! Best of luck, not that you'll need it of course! xx Shivie
  7. Pob can pop

    Pob can pop Well-Known Member

    Welcome back and best of luck on your journey
  8. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Well-Known Member

    Hi Louloubelle,

    Welcome back. That few stone should be off in no time.

    Good luck :)
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Well-Known Member

    Hey Louloubelle!

    Best wishes for your restart x x x
  10. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Aww wow! thanks guys awsome welcome.. :D Hi Dee hows it going then MRS sports mad lol... hows Peachy and Tru.. hockeynut do we know?
    Well day 2 almost over for me.. 100% and had one moment of feeling weak/lightheaded this morn... and feeling very hungry... and I`m sure the death breath is here eugh! LOL But apart from that I`m ok.. see what tomorrow brings as I am doing 2 clkeaning jobs for clients tomorrow, 1 1/2 hours 1st job and 3 1/2 hours next which is pretty physical, so hoping I`ll be ok as obviously being day 3 it might hit me harder!? :/
    I think I might re~read my old thread for some reminders.. hmm... Ok night all and hoping to catch up tomorrow xxx
  11. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    Peachy and Tru are good hunni!!!

    : )

    You're doing brill with your re-start!!! I couldnt do it!!! Hats off to you!!!

  12. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Ahh thats brill.... I was determined Dee... :) well thats day 3 done and dusted 100% Ive defo got the death breath too... yuck.. oh and also started my TOTM !! :/ oh well hopefully that will be over by weigh in day (Tuesday) I`ve already lost some poundage hee hee
  13. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    I'm TOTM too.... looks like we're all back in sync!!!! ; )

  14. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha me and you always were!!! lol... anyway heres to day 4 100%.. having the same old dizzy light headedness that plagued me last time, but try to use positive thought to work through it.. and keep telling myself its not forever!! Can`t wait for weigh in on Tuesday.. already feeler lighter. I so love this diet for the losses and incentive.. the downs are sooo worth it BYEEEEE for now xxx
  15. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    Have a great day x
  16. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dee.... well thats day 4 over... was really tempted earlier by my old tempter Meat!!! but I resisted.. so another day 100%.
    Starting to feel very cold as I did last time... which is a side effect of not eating carbs! But a few extra layers, and early nights snuggled in bed with my leccy blanket on sorts me out... My breath is vile so I know I am now in definate Ketosis...
  17. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Day 5 done... feeling bit "off it" today.. and thinking about food now, so trying very very hard not to cave !!
  18. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    DON'T DO IT CHICK!!!!!

    You'll feel crappy!! Couple more days and you'll be flying!!! Hope you're ok!!!

  19. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    I did :( and boy oh boy I am feeling soooo hungry today so yep I knocked myself out of Ketosis didnt I grrrrr Today ahs been so tough I have just given in to eating a boiled egg. I am hoping that wont affect me too much, and not gonna make a habit out of it. I could proper kick myself up the jaxxy... :doh::booboo::banghead: Sooo line drawn... tomorrow is another day!!! :)
  20. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Well-Known Member

    Today is day 6.... weigh in tomorrow if I make it thru the snow lol... Looking like Ive lost a stone!! but we will see..shake 1 of the day about to be consumed :)
    Last edited: 21 January 2013
  21. Deezer

    Deezer Well-Known Member

    Well done chick!!! For getting right back at it!!! x

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