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Love Handles? :P


wants a new body
i hope so or i will be the weirdest shape imaginable :eek:
i hope so! :eek:
lol i have 1 fat pic of myself but i have been waiting till i lose weight to take another one so compare them and put on here! i hope mine shrink with the rest of myself or i will have to take up swimmin or something
I like my love handles. I mean, I definitely want them smaller, but I think I would always want them there, cause they're curvy and feminine.
of course want themsmaller i have big hips and small waist so am quite curvy would look very ugly if i had flat tummy and big love handle sticking out. they hang over my jeans as it is :(
It makes sense, you can't spot reduce so why would one area cling on to it? Then again, I suppose it depends what shape you are (apple, pear, hourglass and so on.)
see the fat on my tummy is quite wobbly and soft but my handles are quite hard :confused: so i thought it might no go as easy ?? i hope it will tho, id love to be one of these naturaly slim ones :( sigh
When I lost 6 stone on LL & became very thin, my love handles shrank, so did my wobbly bits.
They were all still apparent but not as noticeable, they were quite sweet in a way, because they were petite lol

So don't worry they will shrink with you.

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