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Love It!!


on day 4 of ss and have to say i am loving my cd sense of smell! i remember it from last time (i used to sniff chocolate bar wrappers haha!) but forgot how sensitive my sense of smell becomes - probably because i am destroying my taste buds with the protein shake aftertaste!

and i know the food smells better than it tastes - especially how i eat it, shovelled down before i can even get a first taste!!

also loving my unbloated belly! if i suck it in hard enough its almost flat haha!

side effects of cd that i do love - oh and the weight loss!! xx
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huh? i don't understand?? am being a fool!
are you right what? my cdc is jacky?? no emma?
Huumm ok I'm wrong. There was a girl at Jackys (in Portsmouth) tonight saying exactly the same thing as you just said. My bad!:p
Is that Emma in Portchester?
i thought i was weirding out then! haha! confused the hell out of my cd riddled brain! yeh emma in portchester! how do you know them all!!? x
I've been doing CD for a while now on and off so I've got to know the names of a fair few of the local CDCs.
Emma was my original CDC as she was my nearest but I didn't get what I needed from her so I changed to Jacky who's my Knight in Shining Armor!:D
Jacky is Emmas CDC!;)
ah i see!!! where abouts in jacky? does she do group classes? i didn't know they did this! at least i know i am not the only mental person smelling things!
erm also loving the rob pic! i love him!
My sense of smell goes nuts on Cd as well don't worry you're not a total freak...not unless I'm one too!:D
Jacky is in North End (shes the CDC to most of the areas CDCs) and she doesn't do what you'd consider group sessions it's more like a free for all! LOL. It's great to be honest, we all sit there having a chinwag, swapping weekly stories on how the diet's going, or if you prefer you can just go in get yourself weighed, get your packs and leave.
well technically in hayling! but i work in portsmouth!! i used to go see lyn m in havant but i couldnt get hold of her! so i pop into emma on my way home xx
haha well i just come off the m257! i did see someone in southsea too! basically i decided sunday night to start cd so rung some people on the list and emma was free!!!! i always restart last minute!
Ah I see!:)
Well if you ever decide that you'd prefer the group thing let me know and I'll give you Jackys details!;) She does Mondays and Thursdays 6-7pm and she's as nice as pie....yummy pie....:drool::drool::drool:

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