Loving SW for my family


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Throughout my life fruit and veg have never featured high on my snack list. My mum bought fruit/veg but we never 'got around' to eating it before the fruit went off.

When I did gain weight in my late teens/early twenties I lost weight through WW. I know the plan promotes healthy eating BUT again I didn't pick fruit for my snacks. I used to think why have 80g grapes (1 old WW point) when I could have a bag of quavers for (1.5 old WW points)?

I then had my little girl and wanted to make sure she had fruit. I then found SW, its helped me change how I view foods and my snacks. I want my family to be healthy and SW has helped me make the changes.

I feel SW hasn't just made my life better but I know my little girl is starting off right. She will now always ask for fruit before chocolate and she is only 21 months.

I still love WW but SW has my heart lol

Sorry just had to have one of them cheering moments lol x
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I totally agree! As well as losing the weight I also feel great to be setting a good example to my daughters. I'm hoping that seeing me make good choices with food will rub off on them too and they won't ever have to experiencethe unhappiness of being overweight

Love love love SW xxxx