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low cal snack ideas?


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Hey just thought we could share ideas for different low cal snacks etc..
obviously there are the 100 cal snack packets of crisps or biscuits, snack bars etc, but i want to try something different. i only have a few things i have so thought i'd share and see if anyone else has any other ideas..

for a little snack or the 100cal snack..

  • handful of raisins/sultanas
  • dried fruit - apricots (unsulphored)/prunes etc
  • frozen banana my fav! - slice up and put in freezer for about an hour - tastes like icecream - you have to try it!
  • small bowl of cereal - altho has to be very small for only 100 cals :-(
  • jelly and yoghurt :)
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My favourite at the moment is a broken up meringue nest with a weight watchers creamy yogurt on top, it's lovely!


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My favourites are

snack a jacks popcorn
Carrot sticks with 2 table spoons low fat hummus (93 cal)
Celery sticks with peanut butter
ryvita with light philadelphia tomatoe slice and cracked pepper
seafood sticks with low fat creme frais
boiled egg on ryvita
fruit salad
8 olives with 3 small feta cubes
cauliflower 100g and brocoli florets 100g with salsa 100g 78 calories

Little Noo

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i love the chocolate and caramel snack-a-jacks. the chocolate ones are 65 cals and the caramel are 51.
sainsbury's light choices rice cake (28 cals) with spread of extra light phillie (35 cals) or tablespoon of honey (43 cals) on top.
cup of tea


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My favorite non-SF snack is rice or popcorn cakes in white cheddar. They are only 45k ea.. so you can eat about 2 1/2. That keeps me going until lunch. :)

S: 12st4lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st6lb(3.49%)
my absolute fav at the minute is crackerbread -19calories per one...so you can afford to put something on top, if you wanted, but I love mine plain! yummy yummy


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hey I have a kit kat 107 cals
or a couple rich tea with a cuppa (if i have a really light tea)
I also have melba toast with pate on mmmm
i love to have 2 kiwis to
also like the snack a jox, theyre worth no more than 51 cals though they dont fill me up at all! x


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my absolute fav at the minute is crackerbread -19calories per one...so you can afford to put something on top, if you wanted, but I love mine plain! yummy yummy
i'm def gonna get me some of them:gimi:

my fav foods at the mo are:

morning snack - tesco value strawberry & white chocolate bar :eatdrink023: yummy 86 cals

lunch snack - pinks, i eat the top wafer first then chew of 1/2 the marshmallow and then the rest of it, can make it last for ages, how sad is that :8855: and even better is they are only 50 cals each so can have 2 which i leave until late afternoon.

pudding - blue riband 99 cals as its chocolate :D

if i'm feeling healthy though i'll slip in conference pears and big oranges lol!

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wk 2 - 2 lbs:)
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