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low calorie alcohol?



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Lol water honey!!! xxx
ah im goin to have a few alcoholic beverages!!!
ha beat me to it! x


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Really hun you shouldnt have any alcohol unless you are def out of ketosis by now? xx
asked the pharmacist at my weigh in and she said that i can have alcohol fri night!!! so hopefully it should be ok


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Oh well there you go then just have diet drinks as mixers x
Have a few vodka and diet cokes u have been refeedin all week if you have had any carbs in that week you will probably be out if ketosis by now


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If you really are going to drink Alcohol, you need to make sure your out of ketosis. Eat something like a couple of wholemeal slices of bread. Then I'd chose a spirit with a low cal mixer....i.e Bacardi and diet coke. Avoid lager, cider, all these bottled sweet drinks like hooch or bacardi breezers.

You go and have fun. Its just better to be safe then sorry.......so def make sure your out of ketosis.

thanks guys cant wait to wear my new dress!! il post some pics!!!!!!!!


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OOhhh look forward to it hun, hope its a great night xx

Deb G

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Vodka or Whiskey with diet coke is about as low carb as you can get - but DO make sure you're out of ketosis first - otherwise you can make yourself very ill indeed.

Enjoy your party!


Back on the wagon!
Good advice all.....enjoy the night! From my experience of being on LT and going on holidays - its tough enough to get back into ketosis....3 or 4 days ....but once your are prepared for that.....enjoy!

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