Low calorie healthy ice cream

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    It exists.

    And I'm not talking about frozen yogurt with fake sugars, or Skinny Cow ice-cream bars.

    I'm talking about frozen bananas, blended in a food processor to make really delicious, really creamy soft-serve style "ice cream".

    I made it last night. I chopped up three ripe bananas, put them in a Tupperware box and left them to freeze for 6-8 hours, then I chucked them in my mini food processor with a teaspoon of sugar and some fresh vanilla, blitzed for about 90 seconds, and voila! Seriously good. And raw, vegan, gluten free etc.

    You can add frozen raspberries to it, or cocoa powder, or peanut butter, or just about any other flavourings you can think of.

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