Low carb but not totally Atkins?


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I need to find my book because to be totally honest ive forgotten most of it :/

Anyways ive been low carbing under 20g of carbs a day (well 21g of carbs today ooops!) will i still go in to ketosis?

Ive been eating low carb tortillas and low carb bread (from low carb megastore) should i cut back on this?

Off to find my Atkins book

Thanks x
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Hi pinkkate

Most people get into light ketosis below approx 50g carbs. Atkins picked 20 to make sure pretty well everyone got weel into k plus get all the benefits of reduced cravings, reduced appetite etc. should be ok as long as you count carbs. Generally weight loss best if those 20g mainly veg plus lots of water drunk.

Good luck


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I would follow the Induction plan too, hun - so much of it is in our heads, and you need to retrain your brain to recognise what the problem areas are for you, the food spikes, and so on.

Think of it as renovating a house - you need to strip back the wallpaper and so on to then start again, to get the house you want :)