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Low carb/low fat/ GI??? Please help?


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Hi, well done on your losses so far! :D
I can only really advise you based on what I have done for refeed/maintenance.
What I did was sit and have a good think about what made me gain in the first place, and I came to the conclusion that it was big portions of bread, pasta etc that was the main culprit.
Therefore I'm following a low-carb (not no-carb!) plan, I've cut out bread and anything wheat-based, replacing it with controlled portions of rice, corn and potato. I've continued to lose weight at a very slow rate, I really do think it's helpful to weigh your portions out, something I never did before!

Best of luck

Like skinkwitch says you need to assess what made you fat

For me it was the take aways - having to have a big (massive)bags of doritos and a moro bar when watching a film. I had a smaller bag of crisps and a moro bar for just watching films and fridays nights consisted of a bottle of wine and munchies - so ive cut ALL of that out

I also ate ridiculous amounts of white bread, potatoes and other starchy carbs and my portions were way out of control.

I now have maximum 2 small slices of wholegrain bread a day and I snack on fruit throughout the day. Im following low gi/gl and im never hungry.

I watch my calorie intake and everyday I write down what ive had to eat that day and add up the calories at the end of the day.


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I think Ally has got it right.
I'm planning a Low GI/GL lifestyle. With calorie counting too.
I've read the Holford Low-GL diet book, and Helen Fosters GI diet plan.
Refinded sugars/flour and lots of deep fried food made me fat. I loved take-away chinese, pizza, and chips- which I would eat with thickly buttered slices of white bread. All are GI disasters!!
GI is reccommended especially for women with PCOS and/or insulin resistance.

If you are insulin resistant, you are at risk of diabetes and all that that intails: Nerve disease, eye diseases, artherosclerosis, kidney disease, infections, and skin diseases.

There's a test for insulin resistance in the Holford GL book.

1. Are you rarely awake within 20 mins of getting up?
2.Do you need tea, coffee, a cigarette or something to get you going in the morning?
3. Do you really like sweet foods?
4. Do you crave bread, cereal, popcorn or pasta most days?
5. Do you feel as if you 'need' an alcoholic drink most days?
6. Are you overweight and unable to shift the extra pounds?
7. Do you often have energy slumps during the day or after meals?
8. Do you fall asleep early in the evening or need naps?
9.Do you have mood swings and difficulty concentrating?
10. Do you get dizzy and irritable if you go more than 6 hours without food?
11. Do you find you overreact to stress?
12. Do you get irritable, angry or aggressive unexpectedly?
13. Is your energy less now than it used to be?
14. Do you get night sweats and frequent headaches?
15. Do you ever lie about how much sweet food you have eaten?
16. Do you ever keep a supply of sweet food close at hand?
17. Do you ever go out of your way to make sure you can have something sweet?
18. DO you ever feel you could never give up bread?
19. Do you think of yourself as addicted to sugar, chocolate or biscuits?

If you answer yes to 10 or more you're probably insulin resistant.
I answered yes to 15, and I know I'm insulin resistant, as I was tested in hospital a few years ago. I don't drink alcohol more than once a month, smoke or drink tea or coffee, but I answered yes to the rest of them.

I don't see low fat as any good because you miss all the lovely essential fatty acids in fish. Low cal will leave your body constantly hungry, and the counting is hard to maintain. Low carb tends to be low in good carbs, like fruit n veg carbs, and complex grains and seeds.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks girls. Great posts! I am defo insulin resistant by the sounds of it and there is type II diabetes in my family. I am the carb queen. Like yourselves my downfall is pizza, chips, bread and dairy products! Honest I am addicted to them. Chips, curry sauce and chicken balls with bread and butter and milk to wash it down! (God I'm making myself hungry now!)

I think I need to read up on the GI diet. I looked at it briefly before but was put off as I found it hard to know what to eat. But I REALLY want to make more of an effort now.

Thanks girls! Really appreciate the help! Really don't want this weight back on! EVER!
So I'm a while away from refeed - well done all of you! I hope I will make it too :)

Is there a plan for refeed where they tell you what to eat or are you left to your own devices?


Getting married July 2011
There's a plan for the refeed. I think Mini has posted it in one of the Sticky's, and you can get it from your chemist.
Then on Maintenance it's more left up to yourself, but they suggest still using maintenance products!

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