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Low Carb Vegetarian


Just thought I'd post on here as I'm following a low Carb diet, but a vegetarian version.

I have to say, I'm finding it quite easy and I feel I can do this long term as I have at least 6 stone to lose!:eek:

I'm having about 20-30 grams of carbs a day, and I am not hungry at all as I'm in ketosis. I'm eating loads of veggies and salad along with some cheese, some eggs, tofu and quorn. Plus lots of water, and caffeine free tea and coffee. I have a low carb veggie cook book which gives loads of delicious recipes. I have made some lovely dressings for my salads and veggies, and it is not boring at all.

I started on Monday, and this morning I weighed myself and have already lost 6lbs:D. I have done LL and CD before, but because I am in Germany, I cannot follow these diets. I've never done low carb eating before, and if I can get the same results as when I was doing CD etc, then I will succeed on this diet, because I am not hungry, and I am eating food, which stops the cravings for food like I used to get on LL and CD. There is no reason for me to cheat.

I am not eating high amounts of fats that many people think you do on a low carb, I am having the odd bit of cream with my sugar free jelly though!..Well I'm not a saint! LOL;) My husband is also doing low carb to support me but he's not veggie. He is also doing very well and dropped 5 lbs!

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share my first experience of low carb with you.

Take care,

Kelly xxxx
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I didnt know that about quinoa, dancing, thanks. i will look into that. I'm not vegetarian but i don't like meat but lack of protein is a concern for me.
Hiya, I get get my protein from eggs, cheeses, tofu, soya (which is one of the only plant sources of complete protein), nuts. Obviously later I will introduce beans and legumes. Tofu is prob my favourite.

I have been veggie for 13 years now so I'm quite used to a veggie diet, just I ate too much pizza and take aways!. My portions have always been huge too, even eating too much of a "healthy" food can cause weight gain. Health problems led to inactivity, which also caused me to gain weight.

I eat my protein with veggies and salads, so I imagine the calorie intake is not too high. I'm not a huge dairy fan either, so I'm making sure that I do get enough protein and dairy in my diet. I dont count the calories, just the carbs. I dont really do the whole frying everything, but I do cook with olive oil when needed. I seem to be having a balanced diet but with few carbs. My stomach doesnt feel bloated, IBS seems to have settled down, and no wind!!:D (sorry)

I will try quinoa..thanks for that one!
I'm still very early days with it all, but I think I will really be able to stick with it long term, lose my excess weight and get on with life!
Anyhoo, good luck with your decision.

Take care,

Kelly xxxxx


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oh yes, i forgot about tofu. So tofu and quinoa are the only complete proteins of non-meat source.

Tofu is okay but it needs some help to be edible, while good ole quinoa is just fine on its own as a replacement for rice or oats.

I'll be looking out for how things go for you Kelly... will definitely be doing this sort of thing at some point
I went to the health food shop and bought some tofu with basil. It was bright green, but my daughter and I devoured it (well not me so much cos of CD), BUT im off into town again today to stock up. We all loved it so much. Also tried plain fresh tofu, and although no one else enjoyed it, they did eat it. Me on the other hand LOVED it plain too! This CD has alot to answer for, it's destroying my taste buds!
hello all!

Just to say that I made a lovely marinade for my tofu from my veggie low carb cookbook. Soy sauce, dry sherry and ginger, simmer for 10 mins, and served with broccoli. I do like tofu, plain cooked in olive oil though!
Have a great day all, I'm still doing well!

Luv, Kelly xxxx

Have a great day,
Love Kelly xxxx


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Thanks for that one! I've got rose elliots low carb cook book, and some other ones, so I really should look through it. Especially with a new liking for tofu

Deb G

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Look up Rose Elliot on Amazon and buy her Low Carb Vegetarian Diet and her Low Carb Vegetarian Cookbook.

Lots of fab YUMMY recipes and advice - especially in the diet book. I've been making some of these on RTM (with LL) and will be leading a low-carb veggie lifestyle as a long term weightmanagement system once I've finished. Can't recommend these books enough!
Hiya Deb G,

I've got Rose Elliots books, and have made some lovely food from them. The books are great, and I too highly recommend them.

Congrats on your amazing weight loss, and good luck for the weight management. Keep us posted on how you get on, its quite lonely here on the low carbers!

Luv Kelly xxxxxx
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HI there..I am also a vegetarian and doing low carb...It really isnt that hard..well as long as you are a decient cook. I use to be a chef years ago...so I suppose that helps! If you ever want ot swap recipies let me know ....I just started low carb this week but have done it before..its hard to get into if youre not use to it ...good luck!
oh I forgot to mention that I do eat fish, eggs, and dairy so that also makes things ALOT easier!


is going to loose!
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Rose Elliott book is really good. The 7 day eating plan is yummy!!

Good luck.

S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
I havent bought the book..I have read great things about it..maybe one day I will get it ....for now Im going on my own recipies.
Bren, how are you going with yours?
ps...Im from sydney!! :)

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