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Low Gi snack boxes - thought I'd share!

Someone posted about these on the Slimming World board (misnamed as lunch boxes) and it looks good and possibly very complimentary to DietChef followers.

They're snack boxes made up with fresh fruit and veg and some include other things like dried fruit, nuts, rice crackers etc. They do a low-gi one which thought would be perfect for us and the servings count towards your five a day.

Seems a good option for us, should fit in with the dietchef plan and make sure you're getting what your body needs :)


No undereating to extremes like silly billys people, be healthy aswell as smaller x
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Ooh thanks for that - I could spend a fortune on that site and that's on dried strawberries alone - only ever been able to get them from a stall at Euston station when I go do to London but now I can order them online - joys :D

Woohoo :D
Got two boxes coming tomorrow it's exciting lol

Getting a small energy box, it's going to have:

- fresh cut pineapple
- 'love mix' - dried apricots, cherries and goji berries
- roasted seed mix with sunflower and sesame seeds.

They change what's in the box each time and I'm going to try one a day on tues-fridays. Also getting a luxury box tomorrow as a one-off, it's got a couple of chocolatey options in there though eep will have to be careful

- fresh cut pineapple (they must have had a lot today!
- red grapes
- 'copacabana mix' brazil nuts with dark & milk chocolate buttons
- white chocolate coated peanuts
- rouge mix - dried raspberries, strawberries and cranberries.

Treats galore, better than aero eggs, have got rather fond of those, too much so for my own good lol
Will let you know if it seems worth it both qualitywise, quantitywise and if the nutritional information on the box is intelligible enough to work out how to fit it into DC :)
My boxes came, looks all very nice and portioned out lol It comes with a full comprehensive sheet with the nutrition details for everything in the box both per pack and per 100g of each item so can note down the cals for one thing and save the rest for later.

Prolly not getting overmuch for your money depending on which box you buy but I think I'll get them for a little while longer to get me snacking on healthier things which count towards the 5-a-day, instead of chocolatey stuff and the like :)
Just had a peep at the graze site - it all looks very yummy........I got as far as nearly ordering and then chickened out! I am not adding up my cals and don't want to tip myself over the edge......I am doing DC and I am not really hungry and only feel like choc when the children and DH are eating it! Also if I start snacking I am not very controlled about stopping! I even stuggle with just one fruit bar or the oat biscuit things and so easily could eat many of them!
So for now I will leave it ! It looks like a great site tho'.
I'm really enjoying them as I was worried about not getting enough fruit and veg into my diet as was just having diet yoghurt for pudding and stuff but I'm getting four boxes a week and having those in the evening, each one has at least 3-a-day.

Bit costly for some but I'm finding it a worthwhile investment for me personally :)

Oh for days I don't get a box (caroline you in particular) - I found a dried berry mix in Morrisons with cranberries, strawberries, blueberries and cherries - it was £1.29 for a 100g bag so I've divided it up into three servings for around 104 calories. Had some with low-fat rice pudding today, most lush :D
Also bryal about self-control re portions - they just send you one box for one day and each box has only three portions in. So it's all measured, they include the full nutritional information in the box for each portion pack so you know what you're eating and there's no extra there to overeat!
Ok! Convinced ............are you on commission!!:giggle:??????????
No seriously it all looks just like the stuff I like but, I think I am already eating too much fruit. I am on DC and adding in a mullerlite yog x1 having 2-4 cups of tea with fullfat milk (no skimmed or semi skimmed at work - and I am soooooooooooo not organised to take it in with me!) plus 2 - 8 pieces of fruit a day plus spinach (thanks to Jan!)
and I don't want to go over the 1200 and since I am not adding them up I probably am!
Fruit wise I eat 2 apples a punnet of grapes and 1-2 bananas.
Oh yes and 1-2 litres of water, lots of black coffee and 1 x zero coke!!
Oof that probably is a bit much lol Try cutting back on the grapes as they're quite high in sugar so a punnet is overdoing it as such.

Wish I was on commission lol Nah I just kinda go to town when I'm enthusiastic about something, not one for doing things by halves, as someone commented on another forum I posted on lol

They're sending me apple slices with rice crackers and 'cheese cashews' tomorrow though, hmmn not sure about cheesy nuts :eek::8855:


Stubborn and doing it
I'm going to go hunting for a site that sells those strawberry things in the normal fashion as those are really all I'm interested in. Do love the idea of the boxes though, but I just want them strawberries hehe!

Maybe you should ask if they will pay commission to you :p


Gone fishing
I got one of these today. Mucho fun :clap:

Didn't exactly graze. Called it lunch :D

Mine worked out at about 400 calories. A bit high for a lunch for me, but nice all the same for a change.

Pricey at £3. I did the special offer and got it for £1.49 which suited me. I wont get it again, but I think the concept is fab.

Really nicely packaged, and I can see that it would attract a lot of office workers. Damn! Why don't I ever think of these things first :(


maintaining since June'09
I think cheesey nuts sound yummy - particularly cashews!!


Stubborn and doing it
They do sound lovely don't they - bit addictive too hehe! Not sure if I could trust myself around anything like that. I daren't even keep packets of non-cheesy nuts in stock as I know I'll eat them all.
I don't think they actually had cheese on them once I read the ingredients - was flavoured with yeast and things (just used something similar in my risotto).

They've not told me what I'm getting in my graze box today, hope it isn't all nuts again can't afford it lol Having a treat of stewed apple with custard with tea tonight mmm :)

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