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Low GI


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Hi guys, I've got PCOS and have struggled with my weight my whole life! I've decided to finally stop moaning about it and make a difference so started the Low GI diet today. Just registering really hoping that if I tell you all I'll have to stick to it! Thanks!
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Hi Hun, How is the low Gi diet going? Really hope It helps :) I've just started a low Gi diet too, although i'm not overweight i've been diagnosed with pcos and I really want to do something to help me to have a period. From the sounds of it alot of the people have had sucess with helping pcos by louseing weight on low GI - I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

In a way I wish I did have weight to lose because it would give me a bit more hope that Gi might help me - also might help with people supporting me - its very hard to turn down cake/crisps/anything without people thinking i'm just being 'silly' - but then I don't wanna have to go into why i'm on a 'diet', Grrrrr!

So far so good however, think its gonna take a bit of time to get my head arround what I can and can't have, though popcorn would be okay but apparently not oops, also not 100% sure about wine? had a couple of glasses last night, but for me that was really quite tame. How are you finding it? xxx


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Hiya, I've actually made a tiny bit of a switch from low gi to low cal because I was struggling combining the two. I did see a nutritionist who said the worst thing for pcos was sugar, she said it aggravates it so maybe concentrate on not having any sugar for a while AND do Low gi? I'm not a doctor though! I think it's what I'll try if losing all this horrible weight doesn't work!
I'm sort of doing slim fast and low gi. That's kind of a contradiction in terms because slimfast is full of sugar, but when I have my meal, i try to make sure it's low GI.
I have to admit, it's pretty hard work though. I just love my carbs!
I've been doing well - but I've just been away for the weekend, and that didn't go so well. Tons of white pasta, baked potatoes, cheese, french bread, garlic bread, pizza. You name it, I ate it.
I still had slimfast for breakfast and lunch, it was just tea where it all went pear shaped!
I'll know how bad it was when i get on the scales tomorow.
sorry to intrude on your thread but...I bought the 'metabolism miracle diet' book and it is meant to be fantastic for PCOS x
Hello girls. I have also recently been diagnosed with pcos and TTC. Doctor needs to take me off citalopram over the next 6 weeks and then I can start metformin.

Ive just started a low GI diet as well. Can I join you all as my weight loss buddies? Will be much easier for us all if we have others going through the same thing!! :jelous:


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