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Green Days Low iron?

I have been doing slimming world for about 6 months now and loving it! I've lost nearly 4 stone and am really chuffed!

I do mainly Green Days as find these suit my routine most. Since christmas I have been feeling very tired and putting it down to work etc but it just seems to have got worse and worse.

This week my husband said how pale I was looking and queried if I could be anaemic....I have looked up the symptoms and found that I have quite a few of them, I know you could do this with most things and it could look like you have various conditions but I am going to try topping my iron up. Bought some vits with iron and lots of iron rich foods so am hoping there will be an improvement.

I was just wondering if anyone else had had any issues with this at all?
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I havent on SW but in my teens the doctor said I was slightly anaemic, but the only time it became proper anaemia was during my * week. So that week i'd take iron supplimentseek that w and I was fine, very easily managed!

I've grown out of it now tho!


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If you are (and it sounds like you are), try and eat more dark green veg as they are particularly high in iron and will help avoid having to take supplements which can bung you up. Every time I have been pregnant, I have had to take some and found it hard to avoid the dreaded constipation.

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Hi Hun,

I have the opposite and my body produces too much iron, although the side effects are the same as being anaemic (??).
I would go to your GP and explain your symptoms to him. It will involve a blood test, but wouldnt you rather know and sort things out??

Hope you feel better soon.


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I haven't eaten meat in almost 20 years, since I was 11. In my teens I was never very far away from being aneamic. My doctor urged me to eat fish occasionally, so after a couple of years of being stubborn I relented, and I now will eat fish, at a push, a handful of times a year.

As I've grown up my diet has become much more varied and balanced, and I would rather not take a supplement for anything....it's ALWAYS going to be preferential to adjust our diets to attain the best balance we can.

Iron rich foods I enjoy regularly (easily and without too much effort, especially on green days) are yogurts (FF), eggs, baked beans, spinach & chickpeas.

The generally present in the diet of a vegetarian/pescatarian is harder fro the body to digest & absorb than the types found in meat, so I try and eat a good variety of sources each day, to give my body the choice of 'what it wants' nutrients wise.



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You need to get it checked because there is more than Iron deficiency anaemia, and need different treatments.


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can i ask a quick question kind of on topic, but i don't want to threadjack you!!

the taking a supplement thing and constipation... i've started taking (about 20 days ago) a daily vitamin, which contains all the usual plus folic acid (as we're trying to have a baby later in the year) i have noticed my 'movements' aren't as regular, do you think that's why?!

what should i eat to rectify this?!


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great thanks!


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My doctor has prescribed Pregaday for me as my recent blood tests show a very low Iron stores and low Folic Acid, I also have Vitamin B12 injections every 8 weeks, because I have all three types of anaemia.
That's why i reckon you should always be checked out.

BTW if the dr prescribes iron you'll need to take a different supplement as Iron is toxic if taken in overdose.

As well as iron you need to increase your vitamin c as it helps absorbtion.

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