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Low pp dinner?

baked potato with tuna and a ton of veg is quite good and as long as it's a small potato is about 6/7pp. I also made a 0pp veggie soup just by roasting tomatoes, chillis (love spicy food!),garlic, onions, celery, peppers, and any other veg you can think of, then wizzed it in food processor with some tinned tomatoes, salt pepper and onion salt/chili powder and you have a great snack or meal that you can freeze portions of :) you could also have it on 40g pasta (4pp)
or use it on meat for sauce. the soup could be a good lunch if you're trying to eat less points to make up for a bad weekend. quorn fillets are only 1pp also! and they're pretty big, i have 3 or 4 with veg or cook a little pasta, cut up some fillets and mix together with some lettuce, spring onions/salad veg and a little cheese. the fillets are good in stir fry is good too, it's just the noodles and and sauce you have to watch for points.
i love frozen rasperries with natural fat free yoghurt for snack as the frozen berries are really tangy and taste a little like sherbert :) meringue nests are great too mixed with fruit or yoghurt. Anyway rambled on a bit but hope you may find some of this useful xx


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Stir fry is always a winner for me! 4pp for a chicken breast - tons of stir fry veg (baby corn, sugar snaps, red onion, pepper, mushroom, some chopped chilli, and a load of bean sprouts) done in fry light with half a pack of blue dragon stir fry sauce gives you a massive dinner for only 6pp!
Thanks everyone :) Deffo gonna do the roast tomato soup daisyleah :) and think im going to have stirfry for my tea tomorrow :) I always have mushrooms, grilled tomatos and scrabbled egg and its only 4 points and it really fills me up :) xxx
The mince is really good, you can have alot for 2 pp and its really really filling :) xx
Stir frys of any kind, load up on the veg and then only pp the prawns / chicken / turkey! Really filling. Can get some lovely sauces for 1/2 pp too!

Big ole'omelette . . . loaded with 0pp veg

Pasta-less pasta bake. The dolmio tom and cheese sauce is only 2pts per 1/3 jar and YUMMY!! You can even add in meat for low pp.

WW wrap stuffed with veg covered in chopped toms, sprinkeled with a little leskol (super light now) .... only 6 pps!!

Mmmm I want dinner! lol :)


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Pasta-less pasta bake. The dolmio tom and cheese sauce is only 2pts per 1/3 jar and YUMMY!! You can even add in meat for low pp.
OK,,, I'm confuddled..... how do you do a pasta-less pasta bake? Surely it'd just be warm sauce??!!!

loving some of these recipes finding it all very useful 1st week on diet my weigh in is tues one week thurs the other :) i do shift work :)
I'm liking the sound of the pasta less pasta bake. but I love pasta!

My first weigh in tonight. I've allowed myself 26pp per day and 45pp for the week, and have done good for a whole 2 days before my weigh in. Just slightly worried I may have it ALL WRONG!! :) haha! x

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