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Low syn chocy bars or other treats!

Any fun size bars are pretty low, I don't buy these though as I can't stop eating them when I do!

I think Curly wurlys are 6 syns.

Sadly unless you have a super small portion, choccie isn't low syn. *sob*
Alpen Light Choc & fudge or Choc Orange are really nice and fix a sweet craving for me. They are 3 syns per bar or you can have 2 bars for a HexB.
Well, I use my syns and have a bag of revels for 8.5. If I don't have any syns then I'll have Tesco cottage cheese and pineapple. I can eat it with a spoon like a dessert as it's so sweet! Or If I have a B choice left then I'll have it with ryvita.

I'm also partial to a few rich tea biccies too and at 2 syns each I can have plenty!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Ive just discovered the Hifi Lucious Lemon bars 1 HeB, or 5 1/2 syns a bar....wow!!!!
If you put it in the fridge its delicious! Ive given my MIL strict instructions to buy some for me when she goes to class next.
I have a stash of Curly Wurlies (6), fudge (6), milky ways (5) and Milky bars (3) in a big tub in my fridge. These are all the small multipack size bars and i have one nearly every day if i have not used all my syns.


Nojo on the YoYo
I go to Iceland and buy a box of those Flake 99 bars. 2.5 each. nom nom nom.

Also, you may laugh at Fern Britton doing it, but dunk a HEB serving of Ryvita museli crunch into a made up sachet of dark choc high lights (1.5) - niiiiiiiice!

I'm not sure of the exact syns as I don't have my book with me but I know that Fudge and Freddos are low syn and I *think* though I will have to check, that the mini packets of Cadbury's Mini Fingers are 4.5 - and regular fingers are 1.5 each. The dark ones give you a better chocolate hit - have 2 or 3 at once and suck the chocolate off with a cup of tea and make it last!


Nojo on the YoYo
Ooooh quark and drinking chocolate, what a great idea! Will snaffle that for my Ryvita Museli HEB days! xx


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Thanks girls, I don't know where to start, so many ideas! I think I'm going to go with the multipack Choctaw bars & the quark and options sachet! BTW are the multipacks the big bags you get?
My type of thread, love my chocolate. I have the mini packets of Cadbury's Mini Fingers, i was good for two days and didnt have many syns so i had a Galaxy in bed, 12 and a 1/2 syns but well worth it.

Didnt know about the box of those Flake 99 bars at 2.5 each, thanks for that, hope this thread keeps on going with so many golden tips for us.
It's the normal sized bag, think it's 37g. You get about a dozen or so revels, I freeze them and then suck them and they last longer!
I can't buy the multipack bags of mini choc bars cos I eat them all. NO willpower!!

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