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Low syn desserts - HELP!


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Hey all,

My sweet tooth is coming back and the 1/2 syn roulade, ferrero rochers and meringue nest just isn't getting the craving anymore.

I like some of the recipes from SW book but they are always 4 - 8 syns for a tiny little bit and I can't be doing that. Rather go without rather than have a bite :(

Anybody have any low syn treats they buy/make for desserts?
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I found this recipe earlier, have you tried it? 1 syn cupcakes!:drool: So making these at some point:D


I used to make the scan bran cake, the weetabix cake, the banana cake mmmm... they're all reasonable syns, not silly like the recipe book desserts can be. Just try not to eat the entire thing all at once like I would:eek: Here are the recipes:




For treats I used to buy pink & whites, fun size curly wurly's, the weight watchers desserts (the syns aren't worth it though) and the eat smart/light choices/good for you range of cakes like carrot cake slices & lemon drizzle slices. The WW range is good too but the own brands are cheaper and just as tasty. I can't remember the syns and don't have access to SW online but I'm sure they were like 2 - 4 syns a slice? Maybe not even as high as 4.

Btw I say used to because I'm trying to ignore my sweet tooth just now! But those 1 syn cupcakes I just have to try:D

Hope this helps:)


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I make cheesecake,
warm up 2 alpen bars and flatten into the bottom of a dish, mix 2 white choc options with a tub of quark, pop on top of alpens, then I chuck strawbs all over mine... 2 syn and 1/2 HEXB for half or 4 syn and 1 HEXB for the lot!
It's lush! Even the bf likes it!


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Sugar free jelly with raspberries and strawberies in it served with tesco raspberry sorbet which is only 6 syns per 100g.
If I have a green day I also make homemade rice pudding with my hexa milk and sweetener which is free then top it with a few tablespoons of jam. You could also do it with extra easy if you had it with fresh/frozen fruit for your 3rd superfree.


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If you do a search there are hundreds of pudding and desserts in this forum


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cadburys light choc mousse are 3 syns each, i chopped loads of strawberries and dunked them in it


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slimmer4summer said:
Mmmmm just trying my first microwaved pink and white- delicious! :)

How long do you nuke them for? I bought a massive pack of these today and wanna try this but don't want them to melt away to gloop!!