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Low syn emergency chocolate 'fixes'


you lookin' at me?
anyone got any tips for those moments when all you can think about is chocolate?

yesterday, despite my desperate attemtps to distract myself, all I could think of was chocolate, I kept checking cupboards and the fridge but there was nothing. In the end I ate a piece of my chocolate birthday cake. I am not going to beat myself up about it but, want to have a kind of rescue plan.

What do you use?
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Why don't you get your fav choc bar, cut into small chunks, syn each chunk then freeze it?
That way you can take out a chunk at a time and suck it to death! As it's frozen it will last twice as long too!
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Mini milks are 1.5 syns each :)
Funsize milky ways are 3.5 syns
Small milky bars are 3.5 syns
Animal bars are 5 syns each
Two finger kitkats are 5.5 syns each

Hope this helps :)


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if you want something that will really hit the spot... a tbspoon of chocolate spread.. put it fully into your mouth and put it on the top of your mouth and let it melt.. i think its 4.5syns
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Coco rocks cereal bars are 4 syns - very chocolatey!
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They come in milk,white and dark chocolate all only 0.5 syn per stick. They are my life saver!!

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I cant keep chocolate in the house without chomping on it til its gone so I dont keep it.

I do however have a choc bar most days. My fav is a flake at 8 syns.


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I'll have an options hot choc & a fibre + bar when I really need a choc fix, but with mikados you can get the 3pack of boxes that have 16 sticks in each of them them, it's 8 syns and that way you can eat the whole box and not feel guilty. I'll often give my OH a few though when he looks interested...


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Green and blacks miniatures...they are only 4 syns for a small bar (15g) and as they are 85% cocoa a small bar is plenty!!

They come in a box with 12 bars - 2 of each flavour which are all really yummy....ginger, cherry, almond, dark, milk & butterscotch.
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Are these the coco pops ones? I can't eat one of them without craving a glass of milk afterwards! hehe
Yeah, they are! The milk thing is so true :)


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I just know I'd end up eating the whole box! :eek:
I see nothing wrong with that :eek: A small box is 9 syns, a larger one is about 18 :D Just share a couple (although personally I dont understand that last statement ;))

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