Low syn sauces, can anyone recommend ?

hollys nan

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Hi Mighty Mimi, well I make a base sauce for pasta and it also doubles up for a chilli. I just put some chopped onions in a pan, some tinned tomatoes, and heat them up together with a beef oxo cube *(usually leave that outl if making chilli), worcester sauce, mushrooms and any other veg you want. Reduce the heat and cook till soft, then add extra lean mince if you want. Or leave the mince out if you just want it completely syn free on a green day if you dont want to use your HEB option. Hope this makes sense and helps.


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Home-made is always better, Here's my quick and easy pasta sauce recipe, ready in the length of time it takes to cook your pasta

One can chopped tomatoes in a frying pan with a splash of soy sauce, a splash of worcestershire sauce, pinch of sweetener, vegetable/chicken oxo cube, and a sprinkle of schwartz garlix italian seasoning. Bring to boil the reduce heat and simmer until you are ready to serve your pasta.

Easily adapted - add mince (meat/free), or veggies of your choice, or chilli, or chilli and kidney beans, or philly cheese for a creamy sauce.


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I roast peppers, peel the charred skin put them in a blender with chilli passata and corriander and blitz, nothing better, (mind you I am a chilli freak).:)

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mmmm.. i will have to try them out, thank you