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Lowest calorie rice?

If you like Cauli, I can't recommend Cauli rice enough. Its just boiled Cauli broken up really small, you can grate it before cooking if you like, Rice doen't actually taste of anything it just soaks up the flavour of the curry or chilli etc that you are eating, Cauli does the same, its the same texture as rice but a fraction of the calories. Even my husband could hardly tell the difference;)
One tip though, cook it in advance so it has ages to drain as it holds water, then just warm it up when you are ready Yum Yum;)
I don't know if it's less cals but wholemeal pasta and brown rice are meant to be good sources of fibre and I've not suffered from changing from the white stuff. x


Likes to eat
Lindsey is right, they're also good sources of Vitamin B and keep you fuller for longer. Brown Basmati rice is the best rice for "contentment per calorie!". I view eating like shopping - if I'm on the look out for a bag and have 50pounds to spend, I don't want to buy a bag for 20 quid from some cheap shop that will may not last me very long when I could buy one for 50 that will last me a lot longer!
*compares her primark bag that she bought last july that is already falling apart and the topshop bag that is only now scuffing 8 years later...*

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