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Lowest Point Cereal Bars

I normally have Special K Mini Breaks and work these out at 2 points.

Are there any alternative cereal bars etc or other snacks that are low points but filling.

I have carrots (0 points), grapes (0.5 points) and apples (0.5 points) and also 4 ryvitas and 2 triangles of Low Laughing Cow Cheese (2 points), but quite bored of these now. Any ideas?

Thanks guys!
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Alpen Light cereal bars are only 1 point and are delicious, especially the choc and fudge one. Weetabix cereal bars also 1 point. Pink and white wafers only half a point and delicious when you put in the microwave for 15 seconds. Velvet crunch crisps only 1 point and are gorgeous too xxx
skips,french fries and quavers are 1.5 points per pack and i think someone said that disco's from a multipack were only 1 but double check me on that
chocolate special k bites i know are 1.5, i also like the weetabix Oaty bars which are 1 point each and a decent size and filling unlike aplen bars! Some people like them tho and they are only 1 point also. The oaty bars come in strawberry, chocolate and white choc. All very nice.
Sainsburys be good to yourself multigrain maple cereal bars are only 1 point and really nice and are more filling than alpen bars as I agree with CupcakeKatie I dont find alpen bars very filling.


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the alpen ones i find r like cardboard. Well i DO NOT recommend the eat smart ones from morrisons, they are revolting!
I always thought french fries from a multipack were 1point too? I've always counted them as 1point, I wonder why we all seem to get different points values for them! Strange! lol

Altho not a cereal bar, I love Snack a Jack lightly salted popcorn and it's only 0.5points a bag!!!!

If you want to spend a couple of points, I love Freddos which are only 2 or 2.5points each.... I'll double check the points value later.

RE special k mini breaks, again I only work these out at 1.5points per bag.

Special K original bars and special k bliss bars are only 1.5points each..... they are my favourite cereal bars.

Anyone got anymore lowpoint snacks/cereal bars? Great thread Hun!!!

Ooooh just remembered Go Ahead do these new oat bar things and they are delish!!! You can get mixed berry or another fruity flavour and they are only 1.5points each. I think they are called Go Ahead Oaty squares or something like that. They come in multipacks from Tescos. They are quite soft and remind me of nutrigrain elevenses bars, but with less points... yummy!!!
I cannot find snack a jacks popcorn anywhere round here, is it with the popcorn or the snack a jacks? Ive looked in both places in Asda, waitrose and Morrisons.
regarding the french fries i've repeatedly checked the points values and they are 1 point from a multi pack, just think people are getting the different singular and multi packs mixed up!


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in a multipack the bags are 19g each where as the single sold packets are 25g each hense the half point difference. Multipack=1pt single sold pack=1.5
in a multipack the bags are 19g each where as the single sold packets are 25g each hense the half point difference. Multipack=1pt single sold pack=1.5
yep spot on :)

I didn't realise either but monster munch which i LOVE! are only 1.5points in multi packs apparently!!! :) can't wait to eat crisps again after lent, bring on flamin hot! :D


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah i wish they didnt put the yellow packet of monster much in the multipack i cant stand even the smell of them yet flamin hot and pickled onion i loooveee but i always end up wasting packets of the yellow ones as no one in my house likes them


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So many good ideas guys!

I used the calculator and worked out Special K Mini Breaks to be 2 points - not sure how we'd be getting different then?!?!

Also I had the snack pack of Butterkist Light Popcorn for 2 points (double check though) and it was sooo nice, tasted just like the full fat one :)
I just double checked the Special K Breaks and I got it at 1.5points per bag again! Very strange!

I have only found the lightly salted Snack a Jack Popcorn in Tescos and Rainbow/Co-op. In my Tescos it is sold in individual bags and is with all the other Snack a Jack stuff. Hope you find it... it's so great considering it's so low in points!