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Lowest Syn biscuit base for cheesecake?


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I used melted choc and fudge Alpen bars. 2 are your HEX B :)


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I use Oreos... 2.5syns each. I also never use butter to hold them together as I find its not needed and a waste of syns!!!


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Rich tea fingers are only one syn each, although I'm not sure how well they'd work for a cheesecake base?

I recently tried hobnob chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies which were absolutely gorgeous! And only 2.5 Syns each. They'd make a delicious base :)


i think ryvita (HEBB) should work, blend it until its tiny crumbs, I'm not sure what you could use to bind it however maybe egg?


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Pete’s No Cook Cheese Cake-2
Serves 4
(2.75 syn per portion)
1 tbsp. sweetener
1 tbsp. Philadelphia soft cheese/ Cadbury Chocolate flavour (2/4=0.5 syn per portion)
2 tsp Oetker Gelatine granules (free)
6 Sainsbury’s “Basic” Rich Tea biscuits (crushed up) (9/4=2.25 syn per portion)
12cm loose base cake tin
165g Muller Light fat free yogurt “Mint sprinkled with Dark Chocolate” (ff)


In a small food processor, whisk the biscuits until they resemble bread crumbs, then place in a bowl, add just enough hot water to mix together, Place in the cake tin and press down until level, then place in the fridge to chill.
Place 2tbsp of hot water into a Pyrex dish and add 2tsp of gelatine mix together, if it is getting cold then place in a saucepan with hot water on a low heat, continue until all the gelatine has melted.
In another bowl mix the Philadelphia, Muller Light & sweetener add the hot gelatine & mix until smooth, tip into the baking ring and place back into the fridge until set.

Cheesecake-4 (Small).JPGCheesecake-5 (Small).JPGCheesecake-6 (Small).JPG


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I just left it in the fridge as I made it in the morning! Should be set after 1hr but I haven't checked....