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LT or CD?

Hey everyone im currently on lipotrim and although i dont find it TOO bad... I dont think i can do this for the next few months and i really want to stick with it.. CD seems to have alot more choice and the though of eating a chocolate bar soundw wonderful... i really want to lose this weight..please help! katie x
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Size 14 here i come!
I have just switched over from LT and i am doing ss+ i am allowed 3 shakes/soups/bars a day and a 200kcal meal a day. You can do ss which is the same but no meal.
I am enjoying CD and even though i don't like any of the soups i have so many more flavours of shake to choose from. They also do tetra packs which are made up shakes, easier to take out with you. I get to have the choc bars as from mon, again easier to have when you are out all day.
Hi Hun. I switched from lt to cd on day 4 as I couldn't stand it. Best thing I did. I like quite a lot of the food. Just working my way through the bars at the moment and I like most so far. I couldn't have lasted long on lt. Hth xx

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Hey girl!!

CD all the way! After 4 weeks on LT I couldn't stand the boredom anymore ;) I switched and it was the best decision ever. So much more choice and it's easier to take out with you (and not get funny looks in public). I love that it's like real food and not just a liquid diet.

Whatever you decide to do best of luck :D
i was on LT for 3 weeks,only shake i liked was the chocolate 1.changed over to CD on tuesday this week and it was the best choice i have made.i was dithering for 5 days "shall i change or stay".there is so much choice on CD that you can have a different shake/soup/bar for 7 days and not have the same 1 twice.everyones taste is different but im sure you would find you have more choice.best of luck whichever route you take.x

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