Lt sadly not for me ......


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Hi everyone,
just to let you all know I have had to abandon LT. On Saturday I became very ill, prickly itchy skin all over, headache, listlessness, tingling lips, hot flushed face!! I have been feeling like this all week as some of you may know. Initially it was put down to a virus, but now it seems, I may be having a reaction to the ingredients in the shakes..... (this is a guess) We have looked online and certain vitamins and minerals can trigger reactions in people and some of the symptoms listed matched mine perfectly, luckily an antihistamine tablet sorted me out, still not thinking it could have been the shakes I persevered again on Sunday and by lunchtime I felt ill again, so popped another antihistamine and it eventually passed! I could be wrong but I have been 100% so nothing else it could be... Will contact LT today and advise of situation.
But on the plus side, whilst still in ketosis I went over to the Atkins diet and managed to lose 2lbs overnight and still in ketosis!!! :D Depending on the feedback from LT I may or may not return to LT. I wish you all well and will be returning from time to time to see how you are all doing... Sadie x
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Good luck on Atkins. Good for you for transfering to another diet right away and not giving up even though you haven't been feeling well.


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hey sadie,, sorry to hear youve been feeling with missy well done on transferring and not just coming straight off and binging! it shows you have your head in the right place to lose weight. Best of luck with whatever you decided to go ahead with :) x


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Hi Sarah, sorry to hear you had to stop but good for you to start on Atkins! You're allowed a bit more food now, the chocolate/orange bars are heaven :D:D:D Good luck on Atkins xxx