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Lucky needs new work trousers !


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Hi guys I have to say Lucky has been on lipotrim for 2 weeks now and had lost 11lbs, omg her work trousers are sooo baggy now round her bum and thighs it is amazing in such a short time.
All newcomers to lipotrim please take note ....it does work if you stick to it, you will be amazed by the results in such a short time.

Keep it up mate we will be skinny minis in no time.
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Well done Lucky. Use a belt for a while becasue your new ones won't last long.

One of the things that prompted me to do the VLCD was when I was finding my size 18's were getting so tight and looking awful that I finally gave in a shopped for a few size 20's. A few days later I contacted my CDC and started CD immediately within days I was back comfortably in my 18's. That shopping trip was a waste of money but the memory of it is a good reminder to be of how desparate and terrible I felt in the first place. It is useful to remember how desperate I felt in the start as it motivates me on more difficult days.

In general I feel very comfortable the size I am now as this is the size I was pre babies and binges sometimes I almost forget what it was like to be bigger. However, sometimes when ironing my skinny jeans they look so tiny I can hardly believe they fit me!

Keep it up girls. Those large sizes will very soon be a distant memory. It's so worth it and you feel great along the way, so it's win, win!

Dizzy x


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HEY Dizzt what size have you got down to (if you dont mind me asking).
It would be sooo good to iron my clothes and still see the ironing board too, all my clothes cover near enough the whole board....lol.
Though I have just ordered myself some smaller clothes to see how they look. Im so used to buying 32/34`s so it was strange to order some 28/30`s and 26/28`s.
Hi Sonkie

I'm pretty standard size 12 at the moment. Pre Xmas some of my 12's were feeling a bit loose but it seems strange to think of a 10 fitting.

I guess size 20 doesn't sound big but for me it really was. I was a physical wreck. I have quite a small body frame and it wasn't holding up too well.

While losing weight it is pretty confusing trying to keep up with what size you are especially as all the shops sizes are a bit different.

Dizzy x


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
i've just had to order new work tunics, 3 sizes smaller !
when the lady asked how i was getting on with trying them on i showed her & she said "they're a bit tight do you want the next size up" to which i replied "no thanks, i'm losing about a stone a month so i'd be back again too soon" & she just said "wow"
brilliant feeling :D :D
well done lucky, hang onto the trousers as long as you can or else you'll 4ever b changing them, i was going to wait longer but got told i looked scruffy :p ;)


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G: 12st0lb
Lucky what you are wearing today really shows where you have lost your weight.....I love that top it really suits you and is showing off your changing shape perfectly.....!

Keep it up mate.xxx
Im such a busy bee , i've just seen this thread ! Thanks sonya , its all down to you that im doing this , i saw you lossing weight and the difference has showed quickly in you too , u will not know yourself when the hernia has been dealt with !
You know mate that the last year i would never have got thru it without you , you are the bestest ever .... loves ya loads xxx


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As for the work trousers , im just waiting for them to fall down LOL
bet i still wont get a date though haha

omg Thats just soooo funny.....can just see it now, walking through the store n your trousers falling down....lmao..

Just like that time when your jeans fell down on way out of school one morning.....pmsl. You are doing so well mate...Im really proud of you. x

p.s Your dr needs a kick up the a**e cheeky bugger, good job it wasnt me he was seeing !


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well done sam! maybe if u throw ur top off as well as ur trousers u'll get a date? u r rather blessed in the chest departmnt so i am sure it would work lol.

i do love ur comment about how it would be nice to see the ironing board at all while ironning sonkie lol


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well done sam! maybe if u throw ur top off as well as ur trousers u'll get a date? u r rather blessed in the chest departmnt so i am sure it would work lol.

Talking of Lucky`s chest department I must say my hubby is smitten........sorry Lucky.....lol...lmao...
Well when Lucky said she was going on diet, he said she didnt need to......mmmmmmm wonder what he meant.

Lucky I will send him up........hehe:eek:


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Hee hee Sam sent me a message this morning, it said " omg it feels like my trousers are going to fall down any minute...lol.
It was so funny I had visions of her walking round work holding them up.....will have to get her some braces....lol
Oh i bought new trouser on sat !!!:D
Sorry guys i wont share the embarrassment of old ones falling down while working !!!!
Thought i should play it safe with getting SMALLER ones ! :D

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