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Right today is my first day on my diet and i have just weighed myself and im around 13 and a half stone, im not as heavy as i thought i was gonna be so thats a good start! :party0048:

My goal is to get to 10 stone or just under by the summer so that means some hard work, if im good and dont cheat too much i know i can do it!

I am not on any specific diet im just gonna eat as healthy as i can and do plenty of exercise! i have been trying to lose weight for ages now but i have got no willpower so when i lose a bit i end up putting double back on again :(

So fingerscross this site is just what i need to help me reach my dream weight.

I will weigh myself every monday morning and come on here to update my progess, i will also come on here to record what im eating e.t.c to get any well needed tips and also if im about to cheat to get some well needed motivation from you guys so i dont!

Right so here it goes!....
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Hey good luck losing your weight. 3 stone by the summer seems like a very achievable goal.
Im like you,I'll lose abit and then put it all back on and then some,also have no willpower! But Im determined to lose weight this time.
Everyone here is really supportive so keep posting.
So far so good i think, i havent weighed myself yet but i have been good so fingers crossed, tomuz is where it could go all wrong cos im going out for lunch with my mum and dad so there will be vast amounts of wine and i just know i will give in. :party0036:

I went to get some pills from the doctors today and they tested my blood Pressure and said it was really high which has worried me :sad0071: so i have more motivation now then ever cos i need to get my pressure lower which means healthy eating and exercise. So im losing weight now for my health and not just for wanting to fit in size 10s.
i knew i would crack!! im only in my first week and i have ruined it already, i went out for dinner yesterday and had fried mushrooms, chips and desert and shared two bottles of wine with my mum and then today i had a big chicken mayo baguette and chippy for tea. :booboo::argh:

Right im gonna start again on sunday 20th, im so angry with myself but never mind i will just pick myself up and start again.

I can do this!!!
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don't worry about slipping up! just take each meal as it comes. sometimes i used to slip up and think "oh well i may aswell eat unhealthily for the rest of the day now as ive already messed up so whats the point" but now i have realised that it all counts and its a continuous journey, not starting afresh over and over again. we all have bad moments, but we have to accomodate for them and just keep on going :) good luck with your weight loss journey x
Hi SophieShrinks,

Thats what i do all the time when i slip up, i just think oh well ive ruined it for today i might as well carry on and start again tommorrow, your right it all counts and we got to keep going and not keep saying i will start all over again each day or we wouldnt get anywhere doing that all the time, i need to keep that in mind.

I have decided to start my diet on the 4th of january cos i just have so many meals to go to, when i start on the 4th i will have no excuses!!

Good Luck too :cross: